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Author Topic: How to connect Nokia E63 phone using Bluetooth (FTP GET/PUT)  (Read 5185 times)

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How to connect Nokia E63 phone using Bluetooth (FTP GET/PUT)
« on: January 23, 2011, 07:09:39 PM »
This seems to be the only way it works predictably/reliably:

      Due to its small footprint, Tinycorelinux could
   also run on an eeePC 701 or other small notebooks/netbooks.

   A) Set up system
   1) leave X-Window (Ctrl+Alt+Backspace)
   2) type sudo dbus-launch
   3) type sudo /usr/local/etc/init.d/bluez start
   4) type startx

   B) Connect system and Nokia E63 mobile phone using Bluetooth
        1) Start Bluetooth Manager using icon on Toolbar
   2) Select Remove NOKIA E63
   3) Search (we're only interested in NOKIA E63)
   4) Pair NOKIA E63
   5) Set it to 'Trusted'
   6) Quit Bluetooth Manager and go into Terminal-window
        7) cd into source/target-directory using Terminal-window
   8) type sudo su
   9) type obexftp -b A4:7E:33:4E:AE:30 -g E:/Documents/a.txt
      (The above transfers 'a.txt' from the NOKIA E63's card (E:)
       to the current directory). The NOKIA's 6-byte address (A8:...)
       is unique and part of its hardware.

       10) type obexftp -b A4:7E:33:4E:AE:30 -o E:/Documents/aa.txt -p aa.txt
      (The above transfers 'aa.txt' from the current directory to
       the NOKIA E63's card (E:), directory /Documents).

   TSB, Hamilton/New Zealand, 24 January 2011

   Following is my 'onboot.lst'. The last 3 entries
   are the ones relevant to Bluetooth.