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Author Topic: Backup folders to dvd using dvd+rwtools  (Read 3521 times)

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Backup folders to dvd using dvd+rwtools
« on: November 28, 2009, 07:31:41 AM »
Since this took me a while (and several blank dvd's) to get right, I thought I'd share it with other tinycore users.

Supposing you want to backup several folders and their contents to dvd and preserve permissions, long file names, leading dots (hidden files) and multiple dots and:

The folders you want to backup are named:

1. /mnt/sdb1/d_drive_ntfs/My Documents/Digital Photos
2. /mnt/sdb1/d_drive_ntfs/My Documents/User Name

The names of the folders on the dvd will be named (if you don't do this, the contents of the top level of each folder to be backed-up will be placed in the root ("/") of the dvd):

1. /Digital_Photos
2. /User_Name

Your dvd drive is named /dev/hdb

Code: [Select]
$ sudo chmod 666 /dev/hdb
$ growisofs -Z /dev/hdb -R -J -allow-multidot -allow-leading-dots -l -pad -graft-points "/Digital_Photos=/mnt/sdb1/d_drive_ntfs/My Documents/Digital Photos" "/User_Name=/mnt/sdb1/d_drive_ntfs/My Documents/User Name"