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Author Topic: Starting out with Tinycore Linux  (Read 3146 times)

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Starting out with Tinycore Linux
« on: November 07, 2019, 10:12:35 PM »
Hello Forum members,

Mostly, as being a windz user here i fgured it would be the Typical situation of a Global windows user
flipping to try some alternative  (such as tinycore Liniux)

My inerests have prooved affective and Tinycore has come from Media-CD and booted on x86
Intl machine to Desktop.

When Later , the same success occurs and the CD disc boots to Tinycore Desktop .........however non of the previous apps are present.   The basic boot is the standard default as if the Laptop is not remembering anything.

This seems very strange  indeed.   (since the purpose of any computer is to service a device storage and compute ON DATA environment.     That is what computers are purposely designed for as a device(s).

Further reading a Wiki (which my standard machine actually "remembers")  is affording me the ability to realize that Tinycore Linux can't store it's state or any
data at all  (as default).?

With that in mind it's interesting that Tinycore isn't actually requiring  a non-volatile memory device to operate.
It therefor occurred to me that it's a world wide web Terminal. Therefor one can use the "cloud" devices  to memorize  DATA ......however Tinycore's OWN state, isn't stored.

Further to this it became apparent there are modes of Tinycore usage.
So how does a user get permanent snap shot of it's state? Tinycore.  Incrimental snapshot?

When the mass computer using populus will need to segregate the machines Hard Drive especially for Tinycore to even work as a regular computer (see above)
This segregation is very Low level ....where-upon the  devices existing systems are at great risk from delicate partition tables editing (aspects and others)
?..........with several serious warnings issued of how risky this process IS.

The odd thing is that Tinycore distibutions media ......isn't a storage environment either  ( CD disc)  ....and so i can't see from reading What a user is
supposed to realize in an attempt to realize a usable computing environment
from Tinycore.

My hard disc  can't be edited at the whim of an Operating system experiment.

What other systems afford the ability for Tinycore to work as a useful usable
computing environment with storage memory?

Can another external Drive be used....?.....
Ofcourse, since this is ONE Laptop and a CD disc.   There is only it's internal HDD
which is storage.  (see above)

Will i  USB smart phone work as a removable media for Tinycore persistence?
(it is a USB flash drive......as well as a cell phone)
That is what's here.

Tinycore Looks to be worth asking.

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Re: Starting out with Tinycore Linux
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2019, 03:23:43 AM »
Hi, cast-fish!

Too many questions ) to be answered in one shot. Most of them has positive answers, some negative. I advice to you load and read "Into the Core' book, written by TinyCore authors @curaga and @Juanito. You can load it from tinycorelinux.net site section "Book". It is written in very clear, comprehensive and in the same time inspiring manner, lot of your questions will find their answers in this great book.

Good luck!

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Re: Starting out with Tinycore Linux
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2019, 05:05:56 AM »

Jazzbiker and all forum members.

 a free publication...

Into  the Core    (Not many things in life are free, ........well apart  from brand new fully featured computer systems in the palm of your hand that leave Tinycore (..... pre-historic ....the Neolithic in age.....nature)

With Languages as a barrier the book could only pertain slightly (maybe google translate , ..... meaning to say , using  computing technology it could be read.  That ofcourse, wouldn't be a Tinycore computer though,
for sure....since it wouldn't remember where in the publications------- one had reached......(hmmmm.....)
(see the OP)

The  introductory  wiki does not answer the post point......in addition.

I believe that..... Into The Core ..........is "in a round about way" ...ithe wiki ......repeated.

Mostly the issue is with Tinycore itself.....not the user.(s)........Nor is it with the hardware.
(my point in the OP......)

The forum is also an issue here.... , since the wiki directly refers new users to a somewhat "control
loop" of having to contact the forums. Tinycore won't work for new users as a normal computing device
out of the box........though forum have been told many times.....nothing has been taken onboard
(too busy......)  .......i hear..............(fixing  the existing Tinycore's....is the busyness Loop of all this forums endeavour......

...........does  help though.  Further understanding...............hmmm

So, yes  Jazzbiker  (all forum members,........Where-upon contacting the forum has been done...,----above---and the answer has not been forthcoming.... on simple topic..........  TC as an OS and it's
forum and wiki fail to address the OP.

Jazzbiker, it's  not Luck that i need Sir(madam)  with regard to computers.   Though i appreciate your sentiments..................don't worry about that.

The question in the OP is very minimal indeed and should have
been responded to in a timely manner  Tinycore new  stock (people) need it. 

These postings have wasted more resources, curtosy of TC forum.....more than it takes me to rebuild entire computing systems from the ground up from scratch .........., with software stacks and apps and user bases for their enjoyment and consumption of those utilities and computing services.

The community forums can be helpful but their lack of knowledge and qualifications in computing
is shocking. 

I can only presume that people are too busy  really.  That is fair enough (are they busy fixing Tinycore?)
(i''m  humouring the Forum,  since
That will inevitably waste even more of their time figuring out  resources not afforded (not)  on their own forum.   Systemic Failure.

The USB  device was YOUR clue. 
There is a great hardware service called   "xtra PC"  which maybe is  something to look into. 

It's Just mostly dead wood novices around the block here.  That OP of mine is threatening to the paradigm of Tinycore and also it's  adopters.  This is just too much to contemplate. .....that their system is flawed. But it's free .....we know..........ha

re-read and refer to earlier correspondence.

All these references to literature that is ------ prehistoric in nature---- is a bit indicative of the forum.
should be obscifated into price tags on brand new state of the art  computing systems in the palm of one's

With respect to the forum(s)  members, i also would like to refer you all, to reading a BSc in computing science.  We will see who comes back first place....?

non  regards  (and that's Free....)


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Re: Starting out with Tinycore Linux
« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2019, 08:50:36 AM »
written by TinyCore authors @curaga and @Juanito.

Actually just @curaga with help from others listed in the book  :)

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Re: Starting out with Tinycore Linux
« Reply #4 on: November 09, 2019, 01:23:22 AM »
Hi there, cast-fish. As you are a Windows user, as am I, search Sourceforge.net for core2usb. Once on your PC core2usb-1.6.exe allows you to write any Tiny Core iso to a USB device. Boot to the thumbdrive. Any applications you install will install to the thumbdrive and be on the thumbdrive when you boot to it again (provided you shut down with the GUI and leave Backup selected.

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Re: Starting out with Tinycore Linux
« Reply #5 on: November 09, 2019, 09:27:06 AM »
Hello  there Forum members.

Your last pos  (reply)  is indeed a good help.  There is a "anomali"  for me in understanding (Dyslexia).

Somehow then the "Universal" storage system is indeed acting a dual  role. WHere-upon it is executing a live operating system's  snapshotted remembered state (ongoing).....

while also it is performing a memory service for GUI top level  user APPS interactions and DATA project files which users create with apps (Saving them in the Universal USB drive)

Most  appreciated the forum has bothered to reply.   

There are some  pen drives at work.    Many of you  forum members may relate to often keeping masses of "information and data"  with just a "what if"  paradigm.   That can result in, ........... what if there are no devices available because they are all filled  with  what i just previously mentioned.

Partitioning and such  can sort of be very intrusive to computing systems.  It's just  a shame there is a simple way that existing media devices can just "mount" tinycore in a protected sort of  virtual thing while everything remaining stays  safe on the existing machine. 

The best thing is "perhaps"  as  recommended  that  "Into the Core" is easiest understanding......well sure.

While it's with reference to general  usefulness of a desktop comp for  opening and creating projects with Tools and saving the data.  Ability to return to that point .

While  Information exists.  It's valuable , Right.
The idea that TiCL would do an auxiliary  extra  (extra)  mirroring of data and states.......well .
(my earlier correspondence will point you to the global flaw with all domicile and office based computer system in existence ........ they don't contain any  second physical mirrored drive.
(it's economy really......reason why)

core2usb    great  Title.  (freemium)

While  there is a means..........there is a way.


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Re: Starting out with Tinycore Linux
« Reply #6 on: November 09, 2019, 11:02:58 AM »
Hello  the Forum,

Right.  So the new user named  starts with machine.

That will include a drive.  True. 

1) Boots  Tinycore  and that is corect until power recycle  (The system hasn't done any useful computing or retained services or data.

2)  The user follows forum advice , but machine in question warns "don't partition drives or re-size them particularly when it's a C  drive of M___t.

3)  The points above in 2 and 1  .   Compiound the issue of said situation.

Essentially  TinyC  won't  go onto  existing  Msoft machines.  without very great risk to existing systems.

what has occurred  to me is having  extra storage Physical devices...........is a way forward.
The  optical drives are burners and shame that the incremental state of Tinycore (itself)  could not be snap shotted forward(s) burned onto a CD disc and read back. (on each new subsequent boot--up )

There  isn't  a big deal  with  any systems  other  than the competition to take complete control over.....of the said hardware.

The systems here are multiples there-of.  They are sort of block chained and run many live instances of Virtual machines off the same single  hardware ......a Bare-metal  Level  ONE .........hypervisor

Amazing to find here that  GPU chips.... system(s)  for many of the the worlds Laptops are designed in my city.

THere could be an APP that can remember TinyC states to the cloud.  Then on power down---and back up, of TCL that APP retrieves the last snap shot and populates TCL  settings to recent state..... It's just a file isn't it.

Can't  TCL put things into an NTFS  partition.....it won't  in any way affiliate with global existing EN-MASS systems.......? 
Whike TCL  is amazing with the totally sterile clean states of it's repeated population of hardware upon start up  (  no viruses are possible)  ..........imho ........it's nothing short of amazing.

Thx again.  Still trying........thanks

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Re: Starting out with Tinycore Linux
« Reply #7 on: November 09, 2019, 04:54:43 PM »
Hello Forum

well having done reading INTO THE CORE

it's very scary indeed.
Sections on.....

 0)creating or selecting partitions.
 1)marking partitions as active or such
 2) loading bootloaders.   etc...........................O__0...............

...............in all honestly, it looks to me  that for any new prospective TCL users, it will just render their existing  Large Copr OS machines (no names mentioned)  into totally broken machines.....

They didn't want TCL as a replacement..........it was to be "additional" OS to an already functioning hardware computer with OS that they have......right

they will likely loose ALL of their DATA and OS while just
wanting to have an experimental OS like TCL and have it "remember" like normal computers do....

God only hopes the forum are not recommending this .........."GUIDE"----------> to the gallows.........for any of the global prospective new tcl users. ........."into the core".......

it's the sections around adjusting internal machine drives............... which are so very very dangerous.

This is serious.  When your tcl licence. says   "we are not responsible for anything"   your missing that your likely responsible for trashing a  lot of innocent prospective TCL users machines...... who already had a good working machine............and simply wanted to try the addition TCL OS.........

 This is simply  wrong.  The assumption, perhaps,..., of initially empty machines..... is  flawed and non realistic.

God.... a publication (Contents) which to masses of prospective new tcl users  could be fatal for their existing working machines ..........how many have suffered that...?.....TOTAL loss of ALL DATA and existing OS is distinct possibility and greatly likely in my humble opinion

............commiserations..........to the many that may have suffered it.

You MUST address that publication with explicit warnings that TOTAL LOSS of ALL DATA and OS is a distinct possibility (partition tables)  from just a single wrong mouse click (or actually from even just following instruction) ....
......and it's WRONG to assume that newcomers will know any better about the WOES of what your innocently inferring they should be clicking at   (Bootlooaders etc)..... partition tables




ps...........i am not asking for you opinions here.

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Re: Starting out with Tinycore Linux
« Reply #8 on: November 10, 2019, 12:18:51 AM »
Hello Forum,

Please take note of earlier correspondence.

With respects, there IS a solution to simple usage of  TCL for newcomers.

The solution seems to be tucked away,... as perhaps it's just not too familiar to Forum.

On TCL versions of 6.xx and perhaps others too......the apps list contains  an app called

The app, while very old, has managed to allow this computers NTFS hard drive to be WRITTEN
to from Tinycore . (Thus allowing Tinycore to remember stuff on power -recycles)

The app is very simple to use.

This seems to be a very simple way of using TCL when approaching TCL as a newcomer
with an existing Large Corp OS machine......and not wanting to go into dangerous territory's
(see earlier correspondence) 

This method has hitherto remained unknown to me .......at least.............until here.

While "ntfs-3g.tcz"  is a very old app it has worked here on a production machine from 2013 with SSD drive

For those that don't know the app .......it may help  the Forum in advising  newcomers to TCL
that there IS, infact, a very  simple method to use TCL almost right out of the box
on a single contained machine. Without any disturbing alterations or any low level partition tables or bootloaders activity.....or pen drives....or removable drives etc. 

(This method will also allow Tinycore to actually remember stuff on power re-cycles ...
"like any useful computing device absolutely must do")

If there were icons on the TCL gui directing people to this app (as an option) and a line of text saying what to do.  In theory life would be a great deal easier for them.

With respects, it is also noted that "tinycore installer" seems to offer to install itself to a usb connected smartphone. (mass storage device).  Although there is a little hand holding needed
to probably realize that installation  ......... as the tcl installer GUI is a little conflicting in nature,

(i am unsure if it totally works. It lists SDA in the installer GUI , where-as the physical drives inside the machine are listed as SDA 1,  SDA 2, SDA 3.........therefor perhaps SDA is indeed the connected USB mass storage smarphone....? 
In that case TCL should be able to be installed to a handheld smartphone and  booted from it
...........and also be able to remember stuff............otherwise i miss-interpreted the installer GUI.

That is that.

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Re: Starting out with Tinycore Linux
« Reply #9 on: November 10, 2019, 08:02:04 AM »
Hi, cast-fish!

I don't recommend You and other newcomers to try to install TC on your smartphone sdcard. Installation process includes writing bootloader binary data directly into boot sector of media, and such operation applied to the smart's flash disk probably:
1. will be imposssible and rejected
2. or will destroy flash disk partition and make smart inoperable, and may be cause impossibility to restore with convenient means.

May be android gurus know the ways to achieve such a goal, but i believe, this is not a good way for newcomers.

So for fast and easy start we do need some seperate flash drive or SD-card. But modern flash media have enough capacity to store whole TC installation, extensions and user data, so any other storage is needed only to extend your boot drive, and of course can be of any type, maybe including NTFS partitions ( i  personally haven't tried, so can not insist ).

Best wishes!

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Re: Starting out with Tinycore Linux
« Reply #10 on: November 14, 2019, 11:22:49 AM »
Hello There  JazzB  & Forum.

Thankyou for your reply (Latest)  regarding basic people's usage of TCL
as a useful computing platform (out of the box).

Right  JazzB, (forum),  You inference that the attempts in my earlier post
(smart-phones) is not advisable on hardware, is appreciated.

That concurs with some of my posting(S) points in general.  TCL's risk to Hardware (that is in current working state)

People are not made "aware"  or would necessarily "know"  that it's very dangerous
territory to follow some  (benign) machine practices that are spun around in this forum.

This is  NOT  how to envelope people to a new operating system (TCL) for a self contained machine.

To be honest, most global computer users have "a machine" and surely that's the approach TCL  should ingraciate when newcomers arrive to happily try out an extra TCL.....OS

There should be an understanding....... "they already have a functioning machine" for computing and simply are trying out "extra" .......  Tinycore.

They don't  want situations  where it gets  far far far worse  (complete loss of machines existing data)  before it got any better.

So, please refer to my earlier correspondence.  THough i hate change as much as the nest person .....my recommendations are superb, and should be appreciated

Re-read the correspondence. Comprehend it's contents. Act.


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Re: Starting out with Tinycore Linux
« Reply #11 on: November 14, 2019, 03:34:55 PM »
Have you read "Into the Core" book?