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Author Topic: Core v10.0beta1  (Read 4715 times)

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Core v10.0beta1
« on: January 08, 2019, 02:55:55 AM »
Team Tiny Core is pleased to announce that Tiny Core 10.0 Beta1 is available for public testing:


This is an beta level cut. If you decide to help test, then please test carefully. We don't want anyone to lose data.

Most extensions have been copied over from the 9.x repo.

We appreciate testing and feedback.

If you use distribution files note that you need a new vmlinuz and core.gz (or rootfs.gz + modules.gz)

Changelog for 10.0 beta1:
* kernel updated to 4.19.10
* glibc updated to 2.28
* gcc updated to 8.2.0
* e2fsprogs base libs/apps updated to 1.44.4
* util-linux base libs/apps updated to 2.32.1
* busybox updated to 1.29.3
* busybox patched for vi search bug