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Author Topic: Suggesstions to complete my rescue/install Kit?  (Read 3473 times)

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Suggesstions to complete my rescue/install Kit?
« on: July 01, 2009, 08:24:05 AM »

Hey guys!
well, almost done with a very nice rescue recover install kit
featuring netbootcd-3.3.1, PartedMagic live, tinycore/microcore-2.1 with clamav+more, browserpuppy with gparted and xfprot antivirus and avira antivirus, plop bootmanager, other stuff too

netbootcd/usb net-installs all major distro's

Nice thing about the whole kit is "nomadic frugal". meaning it can run from HD, fat32 usb, ext2/3 usb, isolinux cd, and grub cd too
includes scripts to make a isolinux iso or grub iso

all menu's and setup stuff already included too(syslinux.cfg, menu.lst, etc)

Now, should I add another distro or leave it as is?
so far, it's only about 500MB!

I didn't add systemrescuecd, etc 'cause you don't really run as root
and a rescue kit should have access to anything/everything.

Any suggestions or is it complete?
screenshots of sub-menu system (grub/isolinux/syslinux) here
( http://multidistro.com/shots/scrnshots.html )
( http://multidistro.com/tinycore-shots/tc-scrnshots.html )