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Author Topic: archictectures  (Read 2168 times)

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« on: March 10, 2016, 07:38:12 AM »

was just looking at completely rare and unusual silicon and computer archictectures (that run Linux and win32)


These are custom designed computer archictecturs from the ground up, not using.... ARM , X86 or MIPS archictectures........but
using other custom designed archictectures from the ground up like "ELBRUS 2000" archictecture..... and using their own custom motherboards and custom designed cpu chips in Russia. Not using..... Intel or AMD or Via... and not using SoC chips...

These desktop computers were released in about 2013 for sale to the russian public....running those cpu chips and
those motherboards.  THe "Monoblock PC".......

These photos below show the president or Russia attending the unveiling of this new computer archictecture and this new home desktop PC
for running windows and Linux. The 3rd photo from last is the computer itself.



They all use international standards in form factor and types of RAM used. It is the archictectures and other hardware that is different
.........but networking and so forth is the same.

just found it interesting since it's very rare.  They seem to contain just over a billion transistors and use a virtual machine and transmetta type approach to execute "x86" code.

There are very few cpu archictectures used on earth......and very few different computer archictectures
at this level in the world.  Unlike for example, models of motor vehicle, of which there are thousands.


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