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adding new programms to compiletc

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--- Quote from: Juanito on December 28, 2008, 01:15:56 AM ---BTW the modified svn, which didn't require much ram at all, has been posted for a few days now (works with http://)

--- End quote ---

Juanito thank you very much for the new svn extension.
I have just booted only the tce base.
Downloaded after this the svn and tryed to download some http rep's.
The new Version of the svn extension works great on my pc.
I agree with you that svn does not really use a lot of ram while compiling and building it but if you  boot in to tce with a lot of extension and run opera with several open tabs then compling some software can freeze tcl.

Once again thanks for the svn extension.
Greetings c-coder


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