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adding new programms to compiletc

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I have just booted in tiny core linux and have installed opera for surfing the net.
Everythings works great and is extreme fast.

After such a great impression i have downloaded and installed compiletc to try to compile some programms.
I am missing at the moment the Subversion Programm for fetching the source code and compile it in tcl.

Is allready somebody working to include svn to compiletc?

If not, is it possible to compile svn on my machine and to send it to somebody to include it in compiletc ?

Thanks for the help and the great work till yet.
Greetings c-coder

svn will probably not be included in compiletc because it is not a tool required for compiling.

It is more likely that it would be in a separate extension should you or someone else want to create one.

What about X headers perhaps?
Although there's already a Xorg-dev extension that one can use.

I'll look at making a separate svn extension - I've downloaded the tarballs, now I just have to find the time to compile them

For the X headers - since there's both the base XVesa Kdrive and the Xorg-7.4 extension that people would commonly compile against, I think it's best the headers are separate from compiletc

I have tryed to compile svn in tiny core linux.

Normally building svn from sources is not a problem,
You need the two source tarballs and install additional the openssl tcl extension.
After this everything should go easy.

For some reason however tiny core linux freeze after a while svn is compiling.
I cant move the mouse pointer nor can i write something on the keyboard.

Its pity that tiny core linux isnt such stable like i thinked itself.

I am asking my self why tcl freeze while i try to comple svn from sources .
Does somebody also has this problem ?


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