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Author Topic: new chromebooks  (Read 863 times)

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new chromebooks
« on: April 18, 2022, 03:24:09 AM »
Hello F,

i know you can't LINK UP to commercial web sites here

i was just wondering what is the "very latest" and best Chromebook to buy?

they have Skylake chips now?  14 inch...........?

CHROME OS now offers to.....

1) run ALL free ANDROID APPS from the free play store
2) run any full free LINUX TOOL directly ......such as say "Reaper" tool.

3) run any free CHROME BROWSER STORE tools.

4) run any windows software by using free apps such as CAmeyo.
(since CAmeyo now has improved CHROME OS support now)

could you message me....?

i hoped they would be maybe $169 new for 14 inch screen 64 gb of more of SSD
and a very good chip with good graphics

what happens if you get the ARM based chromebooks?.........

you'd then have to use ARM compiled Linux tools right?.........but would that all work seamlessly or would
the ARM compiled tool in question need to be for the specific Architecture of your ARM chip concerned?

How do Linux REPOS present ARM compiled tools?.......do they just scan for your CPU
Architecture type and either reveal available tools or don't? 

MediaTek MT8183  ARM chip

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