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Author Topic: Tiny Core v6.1  (Read 16293 times)

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Tiny Core v6.1
« on: March 07, 2015, 04:28:47 AM »
Team Tiny Core is proud to announce the release of Core v6.1:


Changelog for 6.1:
* tce-load: remove extraneous ls check
* tc-functions: getbasefile speedup
* tce-audit, tce-load: ignore spaces in dep files
* busybox-1.23.1 patched for modinfo, modprobe, wget and dc
* busybox updated to 1.23.1
* tce-load: apply awk patch
* settime.sh: fix systems with default year not 1970
* tce-load: remove unused depi variable
* search.sh: awk patch
* search.sh: move common part to a function
* tce-audit: awk patch

Also in conjuction with the above in Xprogs:
* apps: quote the search argument
* apps: reload the list on an empty search
* apps: set a minimum size to the window
* apps: nicer resize behaviour

..and several elements of Xorg-7.7 were also updated between tc-6.0 and tc-6.1 so users should use the apps gui to check for updates and check for changed deps after upgrading.

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Re: Tiny Core v6.1
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2015, 02:54:43 AM »
Hi Juanito!

Finally I've had the opportunity to try this cut of Tiny Core out more thoroughly. It works like a charm. Thanks a lot for a very good job (goes for all the members of the TC Team)! I relly appreciate it since TC is my go to distribution. I've also discovered more useful extensions that I haven't used before. Again, Thanks Y'all!!!  :)

Kind Regards,
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