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Author Topic: dCore release process, file location  (Read 2256 times)

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dCore release process, file location
« on: November 19, 2014, 10:25:26 AM »
Now that the release_candidate area is pointing to 6.x, and dCore is not really tied to a major version, the team has agreed that the best location for dCore files is under tinycorelinux/dCore as opposed to tinycorelinux/5.x or tinycorelinux/6.x.  I will  make this transition soon, it is a simple change of files on the server as well as one edit in the release files under /usr/share/doc in each dCore gzipped initrd. 

I plan to have tinycorelinux/dCore/release and tinycorelinux/dCore/release_candidates directories and have a stable and testing version of each dCore - Wheezy, Jessie, Saucy, Trusty.  dCore testing versus dCore stable is a matter of development in the importsce routine rather than the stable and testing version of Debian or Ubuntu.  I think this will be a more logical location and release process than what has been until now.