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Author Topic: Tiny Core v3.6  (Read 31355 times)

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Tiny Core v3.6
« on: April 30, 2011, 06:18:45 PM »
Team Tiny Core is pleased to announce the release of Tiny Core 3.6


Change log:

* New tc-install.sh replaces usbinstall - added frugal install to partition with formatting options.
* New tc-install Fltk GUI front end to tc-install.sh callable from cpanel.
* New tcemirror.sh to present select list of both local (/opt/localmirrors) and remote (mirrors.tcz) mirrors.
* New mydata= boot code to support alternate name for backup. Defaults to mydata.tgz.
* Updated squashfs modules with latest patches both 32 & 64
* Updated fluff to v0.95 fixes reported segfaults and better handling of large files.
* Updated mousetool to support left handed 2 button serial mouse.
* Updated flrun - added input search capability.
* Updated cpanel change to tc-install for HD/USB Install.
* Updated tce-load to better support download error conditions.
* Updated appbrowser to better support download error conditions.
* Updated appbrowser to also support local and remote mirror selection.
* Updated ab - added tree and size views and overall presentation tweaks.
* Updated AppsAudit added Select Mirror to Updates tab.
* Updated AppsAudit/tce-update to fetch new dependencies.
* Updated AppsAudit Updates to display info file.
* Updated AppsAudit to handle lst= boot option for OnBoot maintenance.
* Updated tc-config moved keymap, secure, and protect to after extension loading but before restore.
* Updated tc-config added -m option to chpasswd for consistency in password encoding.
* Updated /etc/.profile to determine proper EDITOR environment variable.
* Updated tce-setup to better support microcore when used with Xprogs.
* Updated wallpaper to allow suppression of TC logo.
* Updated .filetool.lst to add opt/backgrounds
* Updated search.sh and provides.sh to target new host server.
* Moved sethostname from function to script, callable from /opt/bootsync.sh
* Moved showrgb from base to Xprogs.
* Deleted relic boot options bgk & thm affects tc-config, startx, .xsession.
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