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Author Topic: (solved) 80-wire detect failed(then UDMA33).. but now, HDD recogn UDMA66..  (Read 2353 times)

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with the boot option in TCL "ide_core.ignore_cable=0" (for ide0, else 1 for ide1).
It tooks me 3 months to find it... (Im a bit slow).

My "big" HDD QUANTUM FIREBALL CR6.4A, ATA DISK drive, was according specs UDMA66.
So, I bough a 80 wire cable (for going from UDMA33 to UDMA66).. which was not recognized by .. MoBo? (MoBo supported acc VIA chips specs UDMA66) TCL?.. so, by deleting the probing of 80 wires, it is now on UDMA66.. double speed!
The boot codes like ide1=ata66 did not help.
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Hi floppy
That's because  ide1=ata66  is not a valid boot code.