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Author Topic: Forum Rules and Guidelines  (Read 54264 times)

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Forum Rules and Guidelines
« on: November 06, 2010, 02:38:00 PM »
Forum Rules and Guidelines:

Tiny Core's support forum was set up to ask specific questions on the use of Tiny Core and/or Micro Core. Our forums are not to be used as a personal blog of one's experience and/or opinion of Tiny Core/Micro Core.

Our forum is not to be used for discussion of remasters. Please use their site, as we can only answer questions on what we provide.

Please post your question as succinctly as possible, as this make it possible for other to be able to search for answers to previously asked questions. Do not go from one question to a completely different question in the same thread. Start a different topic. This again allows easy searching and make the forum a valuable resource for others with similar questions.
in addition to the above and the forum's Terms of Service:

1. No solicitation for money or equipment. This is not a job posting site.
2. No attachments/links of binary extensions (more)
3. Posts should be reasonably readable and succinct, stay on point.
4. Private messages are private and should be kept as such unless consent of all parties is obtained
5. Licenses are to be respected
6. No spam or generally unrelated and unwanted topics
  - even though there are off-topic areas, this is primarily a technical support forum for our project
  - no commercial links, especially on selling/advertising (more)
  - examples: drugs, pharmacies, selling shoes, 'regurgitation' sites, etc.
7. No specific remasters/remixes releases or discussion
  - exception for inclusion in the remaster listing (more)
8. TCB areas are for base release related questions and answers.
9. Release candidate or alpha sections are meant for current development Q&A.
  - keep all release candidate or alpha discussions in it
  - keep feedback relavent to the current development stream
  - it is not for new ideas or other discussions
10. TCE areas are for current, in-development, or future extension related discussions
11. For project related posts not in English: (more)
12. For programs & scripts: (more)
  - if there is a thread for some program/script here, reply to that thread
13. Before posting your question: (more)
14. No flaming/trolling
15. Keep it respectful
16. Do not reply to posts in violation, please use the "Report to moderator" link instead
17. These terms are subject to change
18. If you believe there is reasonable grounds for an exception to these terms, please inquire first

Violating content (or in suspicion of) may be moved/removed/edited/blocked and may have other consequences depending on the severity.  If this was done in error, please contact an Administrator.
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