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Author Topic: Tiny Core v3.0  (Read 13925 times)

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Tiny Core v3.0
« on: July 19, 2010, 06:31:01 PM »
Team Tiny Core is pleased to announce Tiny Core 3.0 is now available.

* New kernel update to ( a upx'ed version is also available in the distribution file area ).
* New 64-bit kernel available in distribtion files area.
* New compressed swap in ram -> able to run more and longer, less crashes due to out of ram
* New tmpfs root always -> no longer possible to exhaust ram in an "embed" boot via files
* New improved virtualization support
* New ext4 support in base/base tools
* New delta extension updates as the default using zsync.
* New kernel for support of pci-hotplug modules
* New modules for eeepc-laptop and ssb
* New kernel-agnostic dep files supported by core functions.
* Updated busybox 1.17.0  New: flock, modinfo, rev, unxz, xz, xzcat and unlimited loops. Tar xz support.
* Updated glibc updated to 2.11.1 and recompiled against 2.6.33 kernel headers
* Updated gcc updated to 4.4.3, recompiled against 2.6.33 kernel headers and cloog, ppl, mpfr, gmp
* Updated e2fsprogs base libs/apps updated to 1.41.11
* Updated zlib 1.2.5,  ncurses  5.7,  sudo 1.7.2p6,  pcmciautils 017, module-init-tools 3.11.1
* Updated util-linux-ng,  libpng 1.2.44,  libfreetype 2.3.12,  libImlib2 1.4.4
* Updated X libs in base to Xorg 7.5, libICE-1.0.6, libSM-1.1.1, libX11-1.3.3, libXau-1.0.5, libXaw-1.0.7
* Updated libXcursor-1.1.10, libXdmcp-1.0.3, libXext-1.1.1, libXfont-1.4.1, libXft-2.1.14, libXi-1.3
* Updated libXinerama-1.1, libXmu-1.0.5, libXpm-3.5.8, libXrender-0.9.5, libXt-1.0.8, libXtst-1.1.0
* Updated libjepg, libsysfs, systool, get_device, bcrypt, rungetty
* Updated squashfs module with latest patch.
* Updated .profile for flwm titlebar new color.
* Updated tce-setdrive and tc-restore.sh for better /tmp/tce test.
* Updated 55-tc-rules for better permission on ramzswap.
* Updated tc-functions with new getMajorVer and getMirror
* Updated tce-audit, tce-fetch.sh, tce-load, tce-update, and appbrowser for getMirror.
* Updated tce-setup for microcore .gzs in /opt/tce remaster
* Updated ondemand, dropped jwm/wbar improved handling of multiple .desktop elements.
* Updated exittc to handle rare case of missing BACKUP env variable.
* Updated tc-config, tce-setup, startx, desktop.sh for legacy window manager support of freedesktop and ondemand.
* Updated AppsAudit: added OnDemand Maintenance (add/remove) OnDemand items.
* Updated ondemand to support new feature in AppsAudit.
* Updated AppsAudit: dropped full path from "Check for Updates" display.
* Updated flwm* for potential issue when used with peristent home
* Updated tce-setdrive to exclude cdrom and dvd.
* Updated mktclocal to exclude cdrom and dvd.
* Updated usbinstall moved bzImage and tinycore.gz/microcore.gz to /boot
* Updated wbar_upd_icon.sh for missing c: in freedesktop Terminal & Icon case.
* Fixed various typos and other small tweaks and adjustments
* Fixed freedesktopcheck in startx
* Updated usbinstall added UUID clause to waitusb option.
* Updated tce-update to acknowledge when system is up-to-date.
* Updated tce-update to accept tce dir as parameter.
* Fixed bug in tc-functions autoscan.
* Fixed flwm* ownership of .wmx files when alternate user is specified.
* Updated .filetool.lst & .xfiletool.lst to support alternate user(s).
* Updated tce-setdrive to suport alternate user.
* Updated shutdown.sh. Added .xfiletool.lst processing when home not in backup for persistent home.
* Updated cpanel. Dropped relic code referencing HOME.
* Updated tc-functions getMirror and getbasefile.
* Updated tce-load. Added for -i option, a fall through check of standard .tce_dir
* Updated tce-load. Fixed bug. Local loading was not processing all dependencies.
* Updated filetool.sh to explicitly call busybox tar.
* Updated tce-audit for recursive deletions.
* Updated appsaudit added "Clear Marked for Deletion" option.
* Updated desktop.sh, startx, tc-config to support generic icon manager via new interface files.
* Updated wbar with new interface files for new generic icon support.
* Updated getRGB for wallpaper recall current solid color background.
* Updated wallpaper to read current solid background color.
* Updated .xsession .X.d to allow spaces in filenames.
* Updated linstdc++ to 6.13 now aligns with toolchain extension.
* Updated rebuildfstab to support raid devices.
* Updated some incorrect device types and numbers.
* Updated fltk libs for threads, exceptions, and rtti support.
* Updated tc-config with new boot code blacklist
* Updated tce-load to specifically call busybox mount to support unlimited loops.
* Removed /dev/loop9 - 255, retaining only 1-8.

Note. Files likely in your backup that have changed and need to be updated:



.xsession likely in your backup update from /etc/skel.
wbar should be removed from .X.d/ as there is now a generic call to ICON manager in .xsession
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