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Author Topic: Tiny Core v3.1  (Read 13769 times)

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Tiny Core v3.1
« on: September 11, 2010, 03:11:45 PM »
Team Tiny Core is pleased to announce Tiny Core 3.1 is now available.

* Updated busybox to 1.17.1
* Updated Appsaudit for ondemand icons and ondemand moved to tce directory.
* Updated ondemand script for ondemand icons and move of ondemand directory.
* Updated wbar_setup to support ondemand icons.
* Updated wbar_update to support ondemand icons.
* New wbar_rm_icon to support ondemand icons.
* New Wbar_eXclude to exclude extension icons from wbar available in SystemTools. Calls wbar_exclude GUI.
* Updated wbar_update to process xwbar.lst created via wbar_exclude.
* Updated Appsaudit to eliminate duplicates in onboot and ondemand lists.
* Updated Appbrowser - New Size tab - calls tce-size.
* Updated Appbrowser - Depends tab to display dependency tree
* Updated Appbrowser for new "Download + Load" plus several buttons were converted to choice widgets.
* Updated filetool GUI, tc-restore, and exittc to support new and safebackup options.
* Updated exittc GUI now supports the choices None/Backup/Safe.
* Added Appsaudit to system menu appears in all supported window managers.
* Updated fluxbox,flwm,flwm_topside,hackedbox,icewm,jwm,jwm-snapshot,and openbox
* Internationalization (setlocale) added to FLTK GUIs.
* New 'bigHomeFiles' tab added to System Stats in ControlPanel to find and list large files.
* New multivt boot code for multiple virtual terminals.
* New 'calc' a tiny awk command line expression calculator
* Updated 'ab' - Added 'P)rovides' to ab, the command line tiny appbrowser.
* Updated tce-load with new getopts option of  -l for load-only, typically -wil = Download + Load Only
* Updated tce-load 'install' option now works as copyinstall,  does not allow overwrites.
* Updated tce-load - Added -s option -load to suppress OK when using command line tce-load -is
* Updated tce-load - 'showapps' cleanup via the tce-load -s flag
* Updated tc-config - 'showapps' cleanup via the tce-load -s flag
* Updated tc-config to call /opt/bootsync.sh, which in turn calls previous /opt/bootlocal.sh &
* Updated filetool.lst adding /opt/bootsync.sh
* Updated filetool.sh for safebackup and new getopts, -b for backup, -p for prompt, -r restore, and -s safebackup
* Updated rc.shutdown - updated processing audit_marked.lst for extension removals.
* Added length check of 8 to 56 characters to getpasswd function.
* Updated /etc/passwd user nobody for missing "home" field.
* Updated /etc/shadow user root to remove default password.
* Removed unused libncurses and tset - available in recently posted ncurses.tcz
* Moved libXft.so.* into extension.
* Moved libXcursor.so.* into extension.
* New background and flwm titlebar colors.

Note: The former ~/.OnDemand directory has been moved from the home directory to the user specified tce directory as ondemand/  

Programs and supported window managers have been updated to reflect this change. If you use a ondemand and a window manager other than the default flwm_topside then you will have to update your window manager.

Added directory structure to TCE DIR ondemand.ico/ which contains appname.img  where: appname.img is for extension loading via wbar.

This allows for very fast booting system, with icon loading of selected ondemand items.
You must re-create any existing ondemand items via the updated appsaudit GUI or ondemand CLI script.

Files likely in your backup that need to be updated:
/opt/.filetool.lst  -> Need to add new /opt/bootsync.sh

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