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Author Topic: Tiny Core v2.11.4  (Read 5609 times)

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Tiny Core v2.11.4
« on: June 15, 2010, 01:47:13 PM »
Tiny Core v2.11.4 is now posted at http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/tinycorelinux/2.x/release/

Change log for 2.11.4

* Fixed flwm* ownership of .wmx files when alternate user is specified.
* Updated .filetool.lst & .xfiletool.lst to support alternate user(s).
* Updated tce-setdrive to suport alternate user.
* Updated shutdown.sh. Added .xfiletool.lst processing when home not in backup for persistent home.
* Updated cpanel. Dropped relic code referencing HOME.
* Updated tc-functions getMirror and getbasefile.
* Updated tce-load. Added for -i option, a fall through check of standard .tce_dir
* Updated tce-load. Fixed bug. Local loading was not processing all dependencies.
* Updated filetool.sh to explicitly call busybox tar.

Note. Files likely in your backup that have changed and need to be updated:


Note: Major changes to /opt/.filetool.lst /opt/.xfiletool.lst /opt/shutdown.sh to accommodate alternate user(s).  Use caution. Making an extra backup of home directory is highly recommended.
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