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Author Topic: Tiny Core Linux 1.1  (Read 8657 times)

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Tiny Core Linux 1.1
« on: February 09, 2009, 06:44:35 AM »
Tiny Core Linux 1,1 is now posted:

Change log since v1.0
* Updated tc-config to allow combing persistence options.
* Added .ashrc and moved alias definitions.
* Dropped limited zoneinfo database - Now use TZ direct offsets see boot F3 for examples.
* Implemented "user" boot option.
* Bug fix in crond incorrect function library call now fixed.
* Fixed typo in F3 was tclocal s/b local
* Changed user nobody to 65534
* New mount command to better support PPI (persistent /usr/local/)
* Added "user" to F3 boot screen
* Added relatime for ext2/ext3 in /etc/fstab (rebuildfstab)
* Fixed "resume" option bug in tc-config
* Added exec to .jwmrc and .wbar to eliminate extra shell.
* Added busybox cpio.
* Dropped duplicate lines from .profile
* Fixed tc-restore.sh boot option parsing.
* Updated wbar to support always-on-top option
* Dropped sleep from tc-config for even faster booting.
* Updated Xvesa for better support of virtual terminal, i486 compatibility, proper rendering, and correct mouse scroll
* Updated tc-config to better support startup scripts in PPI mode.
* Filter out empty lines from /opt/.filetool.lst before backup begins.
* setupHome factored into function in tc-config.

Files likely in your backup or other persistent storage since v1.0:
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