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Author Topic: Tiny Core v2.7  (Read 12466 times)

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Tiny Core v2.7
« on: December 19, 2009, 08:09:13 PM »
Tiny Core V2.7 is now posted at http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/tinycorelinux/2.x/release/

The theme for v2.7 is make TC/MC easier to use by promoting a single extension installation method (mount) while still supporting copy into filesystem.

Change log for v2.7:

* Updated appbrowser - single 'Install' button and renamed 'Download Only' to 'OnDemand'
* Updated appsaudit - new menu option 'Install Options' to maintain copy2fs.flg and copy2fs.lst
* New ondemand - create flwm right click menu shortcuts to load and start applications from /tce/optional - tune your system for much faster boot times.
* Updated tce-load - dropped l,m,lm,ml testing, ldconfig always called, depmod based on /usr/local/lib/modules, dropped -r option
* Renamed tcz2ram.flg, tcz2ram.lst to copy2fs.flg and copy2fs.lst, use flag for all, or list to specify extensions to be copied into filesystem.
* New 'ab' a tiny appbrowser in shell
* New cache-clear script.
* New boot code xvesa=WxHxD, e.g. xvesa=800x600x32 to set default Xvesa resolution bypassing xsetup
* Updated tce-update and tce-setup to implement an 'easy mode' to update extensions in your tce folder
* Updated tce-update feature enhancement for nfs support (Thanks to Gerald Clark)
* Updated rebuildfstab for block major 11 devices
* Updated udev/rules.d/75-cd-dvd.rules for sr[0-9] devices.
* Updated exitcheck.sh to call /opt/shutdown.sh for user shutdown commands.
* Removed mbchk and libpopt* as unneeded in base.
* Stripped more libs for smaller size, now at 10.1MB

The distribution files are also availble:

Please check md5sums after downloading..
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