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Author Topic: PiCore bash script to run at first start to add setting partition & expand eMMC  (Read 619 times)

Offline SonnyWalkman

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I'm new to using piCore coming from Ubuntu and Raspbian.  Has anyone have a script for a first run after burning a new image?

piCore 14, CM4 with no WiFi and Blue tooth. No Audio required. I'm building a headend using PICe cards to stream FTZA over a physical ethernet connection.

In the script I's like to:-

1. setup ssh (password) login
2. Setup NTP pool
3. Add a partition for swapfile 4Gb
4. Expand tcz partition to use the rest of a 16Gb eMMC (SD/USB)
5. Setup a static ip (request IP number in CLI)

Is there anything out there?

Offline Rich

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Hi SonnyWalkman
No script that I am aware of. There used to be a couple of
files that provided instructions. For some reason they are
no longer present in the more recent release directories.

The file named  IMPORTANT  contains this:
Code: [Select]
Before installation


After intsllation

Expand mmcblk0p2 partition

Backup your individual newly generated SSH keys, use 'filetool.sh -b' command.

The other file named  README  can be found here:

Offline Paul_123

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No script.  But what you are doing takes about 2 or 3 minutes.

Not sure I would be using swap partition on solid state media.... unless you are overprovisioning the partition.  Just use a swap file

Offline SonnyWalkman

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Hello again Rich and Paul_123,

Thanks for you prompt reply..

Thanks for the tips..

I have looked how piCorePlayer repo does first run and most likely borrow their implementation.

There is some impressive bash scripts used with this project.
Yes swap on SD is stupid.. Brain fart it was late and after reading your comment I had a doh moment. swap is in RAM already. Clearly a moment to remove the dot point 3.