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Author Topic: [?] Shipped hardware on Telikin Senior Computer running TinyCore  (Read 1593 times)


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These Telikin computers have been around since 2012 and running a custom version of TinyCore Linux.  Does anyone have experience using the Telikin computer?  Coming from a Windows environment, the hardware spec looks quite suspect for 2006 let alone 2022.  Granted of course the virtues of the customized TinyCore installation over bloated Windows, but a 1.0 MP camera?  I dont remember that hardware being cutting edge since early 2000.  Additionally, an Intel Celery processor thats been benchmarked in other machines.. you get the drift.

As noted in the following forum thread, the Telikin software, based on TinyCore Linux is open source to the point of the TinyCore distro.  Telikin has customized the software and ships the all-in-one as a proprietary Telikin package:


Based on the discussion it does not appear Telikin offers their version of TinyCore as a standalone download that can run on new hardware and unclear to me whether doing this for personal use would lift any eyebrows with the company.  Seeing quite a few of these old, early 2010s computers on the used marketplace, what consequence is there to opening the case, plucking the HDD and reattaching to an updated system hardware?  How about doing the same for a new model purchased directly from the company?  I believe the all-in-one monitor is an MSI.  In summary, is the Telikin TinyCore Linux environment so specialized to the hardware in the case of Telikin?

Here is a list of the current 2022 model tech specs at the $1299 price point and a video from 2013 showing some significant lag on clicks/loading webpages.  Is it unreasonable to expect TinyCore to do this much with seemingly so little or am I just seeing reality for the first time


Telikin Elite II - $1299
21.5” (16:9), 1920 x 1080 Touch Panel
Intel 1037U Celeron dual core processor
2GB DDR3 Memory
32GB Solid State drive
3W Stereo speakers with SRS technology
1.0MP webcam with microphone
4 USB ports, 2 USB 2.0, 2 USB 3.0
4 in 1 memory card reader (optional)
1 HDMI out
Wireless 802.11 b/g/n
Wired keyboard and mouse
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Re: [?] Shipped hardware on Telikin Senior Computer running TinyCore
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briefly perused the following webpages(been several years since the last visit to telikin):


reminds of the webtv and msntv offerings(now defunct) and wondering if these telikin machines keep their operating systems up-to-date with frequently phoning-home to confirm that they do indeed have the latest available fixes.

also see one arstechnica forum comment "senior computer" ripoffs:

having no experience with them(telikin) and/or their customer-service and/or their service-after-the-sale, can't really say how well they are priced.
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