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Author Topic: [Solved] mc 12 x64 Non booteable ISO  (Read 2494 times)

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[Solved] mc 12 x64 Non booteable ISO
« on: April 06, 2022, 12:12:40 AM »

I tried to  cat  an ISO file to a USB stick as I always do, but my computer is stating that this is not a booteable media device.

md5sum matchs and memory stick is ok, no corruption so far (I tested with TC/MC x86 with no errors). This has happened with the latest files in the website, but just for the x64 version.

I either use  cat  or  dd  to write the ISO file to the USB stick.

Any help is appreciated.

Edit0: I tried again  mc  13. No issues.

mc 12 x64 has same issue.

Edit1: Nevermind, I downloaded everything again. It worked,
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