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Author Topic: I edited the message to make it understandable. Using a 32,8,4,8 GB capacity US  (Read 2038 times)

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I edited the message to make it understandable.

Using a 32,8,4,8 GB capacity USB's(the last capacity is suposed becausei can't  use any app; to see which usb is it ;  in the actual operation state of my TinyCoreLinux Core12 and CorePlus' running a live session without having installed it ; with an installation CD Media LiveCD'OS in a  HP 0830h motherboard; an HP d325 uT(DB671AV) named pc; and a AMD Athlon(tm) processor processor name ' PC with it's BIOS Time Battery damaged; but with the time configred in the BIOS before the actual CD Booting ( the same booting mentioned in this emssage before); my OS  is trying to create with the tc-install app a frugal whole disk usb that can run the os directly from the usb everytime you boot from the usb in the mentioned before 4 diferent usbs; and thr 32,8,4 usbs that am sure of its capacities before installing had 2 of them the 32 and 8 capacities respecitvely linux os's that can run without installing the os on a drive and 4 capcity usb respectively had the same OS ; before the beginnig of this process mentioned in this comment  ; created by the same process i am doing with it and the other 3 usb's ; and my one of the usbs is doing the process two times; and i  can't  use any app in the actual state of the OS and Machine mentioned before comment  because even the terminal haven't load i can only see that the windows of the tc-install says Writng zero's to the beginnig of /dev/sdb and they says the same other 3 times; except, that the device is change in a different one only 3 times( there are only 4 windows of tc-install) ; in other ,says : /dev/sdc ; in another one ,says : /dev/sdd; in the lastone ,says : /dev/sde; and the windows that i had as in Windows' OS says the same case as repeated windows of tc-install and the windows that papear when you left clcik the mouse on the OS and you point the Applications and SystemTools option with the left arrow? how much time do i need to wait before the OS install on all the usbs? and all the usb that didn't had the same os whre a much more pc resources booting bootable os usbs.

 If someone didn't understand i asked   : how much time do i need to wait before the OS install on all the usbs?
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Hi cvd
Welcome to the forum

I'm going to phrase this as kindly and gently as I possibly can:
Your question is just one long  "run on"  sentence. It lacks commas, periods, and paragraph breaks. In fact, it lacks
any kind of structure required to convey a coherent thought.

By the way, sprinkling semicolons throughout that mess does not make it any easier to read or understand.

... how much time do i need to wait before the OS install on all the usbs?
I can't give you an exact time, but I don't think it should take more than 3 to 5 minutes per device.
You say  "on all the usbs?".  You can only run  tc-install  on one USB device at a time. When it finishes one
device, you can start  tc-install  again for the next device.

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is this the machine you have?


your post describes an overly complicated and confusing procedure

especially if you are trying to perform operations on more than one thumbdrive at the same time

are you using a translation service?
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