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Author Topic: Tiny Core Linux v2.2  (Read 15496 times)

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Tiny Core Linux v2.2
« on: July 31, 2009, 05:30:39 PM »
Tiny Core V2.2 is now posted at http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/tinycorelinux/2.x/release/

Change log for v2.2

* New boot option embed to stay on initramfs.
* Upgraded iso now using isolinux 3.8.2 to easily support isohybrid (see the new syslinux extension).
* Upgraded upgrade_tce.sh fixed false error warning and added to "Tools" menu section.
* Upgraded upgrade_tce.sh to support microcore's .core. elements.
* Upgraded usbinstall with "need root warning" also added to "Tools" menu section.
* Upgraded tce-load to use -c 'continue' option of wget to better support downloading.
* Upgraded busybox, replaced missing dc applet, also added Length to wget applet output.
* Upgraded boot time F2 to display better message regarding kmaps.
* Upgraded boot time F3 to display missing options, noicons and laptop.
* Upgraded busybox to support hdparm applet -d option for DMA.
* Upgraded busybox to support chrt applet.
* Upgraded usbinstall to support microcore installations.
* Upgraded tc-config to prevent possible race condition with additional calls to wait $fstab_pid.
* Upgraded flpicss to v0.92
* Upgraded wallpaper Fltk/GUI to use generic setbackground.
* Updated tc-config for new boot codes, bkg and thm.
* New setbackground a WM agnostic background setting tool.
* New boot code bkg=image to set background at boot time, use complete file name, e.g., Saturn.jpg from /opt/backgrounds.
* New boot code thm=name_of_theme.thm to set JWM theme at boot time from /opt/jwmthemes via extension or backup.
* Updated F2 & F3 boot screens to reflect new boot codes bkg and thm.
* Forced unmount of all mounted loop files in rc.shutdown for cleaner shutdown.
* Fixed bug in swapfile Fltk/GUI was using incorrect swap filename.
* Fixed $DISPLAY to test for running instance of X.
* New flwget an FLTK wget progress meter GUI.
* Upgraded tce-load to improve interface to appbrowser and call to flwget.
* Upgraded appbrowser for much improved error message reporting.
* Added "sort -f" to startup scripts invocation in tc-config.
* Enhanced "Download Only" to ignore installed status in appbrowser/tce-load.
* Enhanced appbrower messages to indicate "already installed" status.
* Enhanced appbrowser to recall lastdir when "load local" navigation is used (/opt/.appbrowser)
* Changed kernel.tclocal to use relative path.

Files in your home directory that have changed and need to be updated, check if you have added custom content.


Note: /opt/.backgrounds has been changed to /opt/backgrounds
If you currently have a collection of background be sure to adjust .filetool.lst so that you do not lose your collection.

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