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Author Topic: tcc depends on old version of linux api headers for Tiny Core v12.0  (Read 1649 times)

Offline g_dg

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The tcc.tcz package in the 12.x x86 repo depends on the api headers for the Tiny Core v11 kernel ("linux-5.4_api_headers.tcz") instead of the headers for the v12 kernel ("linux-v5.10_api_headers.tcz").

Since the v11 kernel api headers tcz doesn't exist in the v12 repo, you can't install tcc without manually downloading it and its dependencies.

Online Juanito

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dep file adjusted - thanks for reporting this

Offline Rich

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Hi g_dg
Thank you for reporting this. Fixed in both x86 and x86_64 repos. You can fetch a fresh copy of the dependency file
or change  5.4  to  5.10  in your local copy if you wish.