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Steam and MultiLib download commands for Debian (Non-Free) repository

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Steam and MultiLib download commands for Debian (Non-Free) repository

advanced, I'm not a linux user
I don't know how many times I have reopened this topic.
but I think there is a solution to the problem.

I will not discuss TCL and DCore minimalist point of view
I just want to move my STEAM account to Linux environment.
I don't like turnkey linux distributions.

MultiLib for STEAM and linux
I am aware it is in the Debian archives
I'm so tired of repeating the same things
can you help me please !

See the readme here:


I did not understand anything from the article
Can you write a more descriptive comment!?

The readme explains how to modify a CorePure64-11.x installation so that it becomes mutli-lib.

Boot CorePure64-11.x, download glibc32_ml.tcz and glibc64_ml.tce and follow the instructions.


--- Quote from: Juanito on May 09, 2021, 11:31:28 AM ---See the readme here:


--- End quote ---
can you make this for 14x?

after fallowing this readme it has breaken the system, glibc dont works (or the version is outdated?)


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