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Author Topic: Tinycore 32 & 64 vmware (esxi) scsi  (Read 3221 times)

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Tinycore 32 & 64 vmware (esxi) scsi
« on: December 31, 2020, 06:03:16 PM »
I don't really know which board it would be best to post this in, buuuuutt, at least with that info in the subject maybe it will make it searchable for others.

As the subject shows i finally got it working without any specil loading and rebooting multiple times.

I do not know yet if there is any performance / stability issues , as yet., buuutttt, lol

I only had to make 1 change in the vm guest definition to get a larger virtual harddisk to work.
Go ahead and define your vm as normal, hard disk size and all, and before you power it up "edit settings" and change the scsi controller type.

hmmm lets see if i can be creative and get some screen shots, lol

Nope couldn't get them in here, so attached them.

And when i booted using the iso and ran tc-install, sda appears to install too.