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Author Topic: TCE builders, Can you add missing MimeType to your desktops on your next update  (Read 1799 times)


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Moderators, feel free to move.

To all, I am not a real coder but I am looking at updating some file managers for 64 bit and we have
shared-mime-info. AFAIK some file managers use information from your package.desktop and look for a line

I am guilty of not checking my own builds so sakura lacks it and lots of others. eg of a simple "desktop" file is leafpad
Code: [Select]
cat /usr/local/share/applications/leafpad.desktop | grep Mime

However, I believe there should be a ; at end of "plain"

If you can not cheat off other TCEs maybe use this reference?

Some apps can open multiple Mime types so their list may be quite long such as seen in opera-62

The kind of association I would like to setup for various file managers is kind of showing up here if interested

thanks for reading


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I just checked another distro, and a lot of their desktops are missing this mime line too.

so this is purely a selfish request, feel free to ignore.

thanks for reading