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Author Topic: Totally stuck wit getting PiCore player back on 1st Gen Pi & adding a wifi dongl  (Read 1514 times)

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Hi everyone,
if anyone can help here that would be much appreciated - apologies if I am in the wrong place!

I've got a Raspi 1st Gen and was running a PiCore player fed by the Logitech Media Server from a Netgear Duo v1. Old stuff I knwo but it worked... until I started buggering about with the damn thing and trying a 'newer version' to (as it turns out pointlessly) get Spotify running on it. Forget the Spotify thing - I just would love to get back to playing my flac files from the Netgear Duo v1 to my PiCore enable Raspi and add a wireless dongle I just bought which says it supports Linux.

I should explain: I was using an ethernet adaptor over the mains before which worked but it was throwing noise into my hifi si i don;t want to use that really - hence the dongle, which I haven't been able to get working.


• Raspi Gen1 (think it's 'b' model)
• Needs to run software to read LMS/playing flac
• WiFi dongle to add and comes with a small cd with all sorts of drivers inc one for Linux
• I use a 2014 iMac to connect up to/read the SD card and/or the RasPi
• i used Apple Pi Baker to instal PiCore plater on the Sd card but I can't see the PiCore player when I try to access it via the PiCore player Web interface (this bit really confuses me I admit!)

1) I can't 'see' the Raspi currently - tried using an IP detector but the addresses that I think it could be don't open up in a web browser - I just entered them in a web browser window but maybe I need to be in the PiCore web interface window - which I cannot figure at present - even though I've used it in the past.

2) I can't see how to install PiCore player - I know an interface exists and I can see the PiCore web page but I can't seem to connect and modify settings on the Raspi even though I used Apple Pi Baker to install the PiCore software.

3) I don;t know how/where to install the Linux wireless dongle driver from the mini cd that came with the dongle - is thsi something I use Apple Pi Baker for or something else?

Sorry if I sound think but this has really got me hitting a total wall!

Many thanks in advance

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Please visit piCorePlayer WEB site and Forum for help.
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