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Author Topic: Why TC-fora no BIOS/UEFI queries?  (Read 8047 times)

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Re: Why TC-fora no BIOS/UEFI queries?
« Reply #15 on: October 31, 2019, 11:10:42 AM »
Hello there again,

Yes.....proprietary   BIOS  per  vendor.   Some  vendors  have wider reaching  "over-shawl"  of many manufacturers.  It's complex.

When you study computing (to degree level)  several times you .......you start to appreciate these complex distributions of global hardware.

So for example,   there are approx  about  "one hundred motherboard"  manufacturer's on earth.....(seen the list).  Though not nearly so many BIOS
creators,  because that code ownership  "contractually" over-rides the user OS
and  all manufacturers of hardware that agree on those global distribution rights.

see  previous post.
When you consider that there are likely  factors of many many many trillions of x86 pc's  you can start to get a bigger  picture. 

So , when you look at global hardware 99 percent of the time it's embossed with
a emblem  similar  to  the letters   UR......in reverse.

THat is the corporation that deal with the "underwriting" and the Risk of developing new hardware at such  attempts  and prophecy  to "finance"  the endeavour.

mostly  that  is something that end corporations and consumers never suffer.
It always  falls to much higher levels  (corporate)  to decide   how much
responsibility they want in the ownership and Intellectual Property Rights.

Some can use  Seabios.     That is open and works on x86 hardware.

The   American   Megatrends is one of the largest.  BIOS vendors.  THey product
the hardware chips and the software  inside. [[Firmware  actually  (middleware)]]

There is also Energy Star  Bios.  .....very large manufacturer. 

.......in times of old  we made bios  as part of earlier than degree studies and they were for dedicated computers  inside consumer electronics such as interfaces of
Hoover-Matic  products.....Dyson. Also......Micro-professor.  That is a modelling system to develop microprocessors on.

The idea  to require  extraneous links to legal third party  suppliers of say  "OS"'s such as  Msoft.......is pretty minimal.

Probably , though as i mentioned........corp's  file against  Msoft and often win.

perhaps  there are different   bios again  within  Chrome-machines.....?

Global  handsets have a  bios  which i believe is there from root.  The  handheld systems offer you to access it to repair boot-loops and such. The thing is that Google
"acquired"  Android  and didn't make a single part of it themselves.  Likely  IPR  theft on a grand  scale indeed.

Whether or not  users of global hardware realize, they DO NOT own Microsoft windows and have purchased just a licence for it.  That is implicit to lots of
intrinsic software that drives global hardware.   
No consumers will have ownership at any point at all.

It's  "intellectual property rights"   legislation>

many  new  manufacturers revert to life-time patents  which is the only possible mechanism for commercial enterprise in this sector.

It is  sometimes  easier with other licensing  restrictions which are allowed on the operating  and licensing  of very large corporate amounts of  hardware...

i understand that people want to get away from monopolisation.   That's  silly
because  we live in a technology oasis and ownership and these licenses are
always totally inexpensive any rate.