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Author Topic: Linux Kernel Build For with LLVM  (Read 3191 times)

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Linux Kernel Build For with LLVM
« on: October 03, 2019, 09:36:05 AM »

"..Clang 9 + Linux 5.3 it's worked out well with a few exceptions like the AMDGPU driver having issues.."
As future is forced on us by UEFI + x64, I am looking forward for this new type of Linux and packages compilation.
GCC strong points were compatibility with the past corner edges, various architectures. Not future tiny-core problems per see.
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AMDGPU Gets Some Promising Fixes For Linux 5.4: Clang
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2019, 11:22:30 AM »
Updates for building the AMDGPU driver under LLVM Clang.

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Re: Linux Kernel Build For with LLVM
« Reply #2 on: October 31, 2019, 02:22:23 PM »
SIr   Nick,

Yes........the two  giants are head to head   with the Northbridge  as referreree   (on  hardware boards.)

Intel  will race to force it's driver(s)  low  into  intr'd kernels  and  thus  win over  the AMD  gpu


Some  experience   this is having to  lean  towards the proprietory OS that is above  the  circuits cityscape

When  there can be other  Graphics sub systems used such as "Westline" or such then there isn't any
un-decision   (lamenting to the massive corps  )


It's  somehow a horse before cart  (egg before chicken thing)......where an Intel driver may go onto
the hardware  at distribution  manufacture set up point (by law)

It can require a re-hash  to  fist replace that INtel driver with the OS  standard and while in that state
input the AMD dirver.   Actually it's the other way .......it's  Intel  required first .  This will not conflict with
future  OS or AMD driver.

hope the future  will be simple  compatability.



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Re: Linux Kernel Build For with LLVM
« Reply #3 on: October 31, 2019, 05:32:23 PM »

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Re: Linux Kernel Build For with LLVM
« Reply #4 on: October 31, 2019, 07:16:30 PM »
Hello  Forum,

The previous post has the interesting Link  regarding  the AMD  corporation.

Having read  the thing it's very interesting how  we  have  hardware   deployed.
There seems to have been a permanent  litigation  battle   with   Intel and AMD
since the corporations were founded.

The boxing match   with no end.   The agreements signed mean the two corps can just
pat each other on the back  as they please.  (and rule the consumer global hardware sector x86)

Well,  it  is good in many ways  since it can keep consumer hardware at very low prices.

it does  stipulate  some  Key figures in these massive deals..........names and so forth and talks
of  San Fernando and Silicon Valley.

It  will always be interesting to note WHO invented the "x86"  cpu.........which i believe was Ted Hoff and Bob noyce who really  introduced the invention of the microchip in Silicon Valley at TEXAS INSTRUMENTS.

Well, soon thereafter the microchip was invented.....the story gets much much more  OBLIQUE.

The Texas instruments  then went onto develop the first Microprocessor.........There were Noyce and some others involved. THey sold  the idea  FIRST OFF in the forum of CHECK-OUT  tills   for  street stores....
and start to look for a BUYER.
The Japanese were approached and turned it DOWN....saying the microprocessor was TOO COMPLEX.

Later....Texas instruments  approached the JAPANESE again and they accepted and microprocessors  CHEK OUT tills.....were sold on a widescale to the  Asian market.

It's important to understand here that the CONTRACTS were "extremely specific" in stating that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHAT-SO-EVER could any other entitiy  REVERSE ENGINEER the insides of the microprocessor  ...........detailed accurate contracts  STIPULATED CLEARLY   that no amoun of any type of REVERSE ENGINEERING was allowed on the USA PATENTED microprocessor inside the  asia check out tills.

THe Japanese markets  had thesse amazing check outs...and wanted  to make their own....for all of Asia
and so they broke all contractual laws  pertaining to the ownership and PATENT of the USA  MICROPROCESSOR......and went ahead and REVERSE ENGINEERED the microprocessor  and after a  while
Asia   began   MASS production of illegal INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS  theft and PATENT THEFT
of the worlds most important invention ever..........the Microprocessor   (apart from the invention of the transitor)

This is how ,  since then all of the Asia has been the global dominant  market producers
and force of the global electronics industry

The Microprocessor. 

Anyhow,  with  regard to learning for the forum here.   

The x86 cpu  was invented  by ibm........


Ted Hoff  ......Frederrico  Faggin.     (invented the  microprocessor)

 ...........-------------  in response a litigation by Texas Instruments........-------------------------------

Moore,, Robert Noyce  and Andy  Grove........started INTEL.

THeir  developments led onto the  x86   cpu   combined with internal INTEL engineers writing the
instruction set.   

Those  are the people who invent the x86   cpu........which is in somewhat bewildering  propagation  throughout the world ........... with many many factors of   trillions of  cpu's.

Current CPU  chips  with  x86   contain over  10 billion  transistors.    (that is why they get hot)....ha


Hope  that   the   readers  of  above  appreciate  the  hardware   that  exists.

My  biggest point is that   while  Msoft constraints.........   really  monopolised a NON movie  global hardware scene and still do>..........................................there is also amazing  backwards compatibility.

That is how  TCL  and other  OS's  are able to run on such old hardware ......

FOr your interest. (Forum)....

Something  that  is  involved   in the  info above is the   comprehension that these are LIFETIME PATENTS
and  that's  how  you  see that  computing .......sort of just ambles along....it can't really  change  too



The above info  pertains to the  Forum 's  appreciation and  the wider audience.

Gates  and   Allen......also are in the scene........writing a programming language for the  early 8086  chips and alongside   their  counterparts  IBM..........develop an 80486 PC.....personal computer.

This is critical point  here in the description of the worlds personal computing  we have....

Gates and  ALLen  got some  microcode booting   litigation (contractual)  Loop  with the IBM
devs that made the PC.......where-upon  their 200 lines of code  (which will remain always secret)
couldn't  be  READ from a removable drive  UNLESS  that drive CONTAINED MSDOS operating system.

Manufacturers of hardware  would have to AGREE   to the  terms  which  Gates and Allen  (who struck them with IBM)   then  put  further constraints on all hardware  manufacturers  WITH LIFETIME PATENTS on the
legal   bootstrapping of MSoft OPERATING SYSTEMS on  any x86  architecture.

That is where the  constraints of all global home computing.....began........and are in existence always.

This pertains   to  manufacturers of all  hardware  of   the  consumers  of the world  (operators)

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Re: Linux Kernel Build For with LLVM
« Reply #5 on: November 01, 2019, 11:18:47 AM »

.....what it seems is that  global consumers don't  comprehend
they  have  purchased  only  "licence"  for using  M____t  operating system.

.....new users  agree  then to  implicit  terms of that  licence
in act  of indeed purchased and becoming user(s) of their licenced

.....This  licence incorporates the  hardware  and all ramifications
of  the licence....

tso  though  who  ever  reads   it......ha........?

i know  TCL 's  licence  is  classic......."we  are not responsible for anything"
.........although  for a free product .....TCL is pretty  amazing .