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Author Topic: Linux Terminal Keyboard Shortcuts ( Frequently Used )  (Read 5166 times)

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Linux Terminal Keyboard Shortcuts ( Frequently Used )
« on: August 09, 2018, 02:00:09 AM »
Keyboard Shortcuts (All Lower Case Only)Purpose
Ctrl+LClears the screen
tab (OR) tab tabTab key(s) autocompletes the name of command/file/directory etc. For eg. type tce and type tab
UP ARROW KeyShows you the previous commands in the history
DOWN Arrow KeyShows you the next commands in the history
Ctrl+RIt is for Reverse search of command history.Press CTRL+R and type some command which you last run.It will search and show you the last command you run. Pressing right or left arrow key will allow you to edit it. Run it by pressing the enter key.
Ctrl+JIt ends the CTRL+r search
Ctrl+GIt aborts the search by CTRL+r ( and restores original line)
CTRL+pIt shows previous history,same like UP arrow key
CTRL+nIt shows forward history,same like DOWN arrow key
Ctrl+AMove cursor to start of the line
Ctrl+EMove cursor to end of the line
HOMEMove cursor at the start of the line
ENDMove cursor at the end of the line
CTRL+RIGHT ARROWMove cursor one word right hand side
CTRL+LEFT ARROWMove cursor one word left hand side
Ctrl+UIt cuts everything from the line start to cursor
Ctrl+KIt cuts everything from the cursor to end of the line
Ctrl+WIt cuts the current word before the cursor
Ctrl+YIt pastes the previous cut text
CTRL+kIt cuts the line from the position of the cursor to the end of the line.
CTRL+SHIFT+cTo copy selected text
CTRL+SHIFT+vTo paste the text you last copied by CTRL+SHIFT+c
CTRL+INSERTCopy selected text to clipboard
SHIFT+INSERTPaste from the clipboard
Shift+PgUp/PgDownIt Scrolls console buffer up/down. You can use this key, also in Runlevel 3 or terminal mode
CTRL+Zstops (pauses) a job
CTRL+Cterminates a job
Ctrl+DLog out of current session, like exit command