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Author Topic: Tinycore on eee pc 1000h - low power tips  (Read 2875 times)

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Tinycore on eee pc 1000h - low power tips
« on: July 02, 2009, 12:27:32 PM »
I just helped a friend set up their new eee pc. Which is very nice.

The eee pc came with windows xp home, and has cpu throttling/power saving modes. It also has an odd screen resolution of 1024 x 700

First is anyone else using tinycore on this?

I bought an sd card to install tinycore. Which I thought he could use for safer wireless browsing.

I'd like to know if there is a boot code for it's native resolution?
Whether the kernel, can power save the atom processor?
Whether the brightness/wireless/bluetooth on / off keys rely on the os or are independent?
If the wireless / bluetooth will be supported
If sound is supported
He's got a USB cdrw, will that be supported by the kernel, is that standard - though this isn't so important?

I figure booting from the sd, will save some power.
It has 1gb of memory, so surely will run tinycore with ease.

I read that mplayer can write to fbdev, is this worth it, or should X be used?

I guess in a perfect world he'd want browser via wireless, and a good app to play music, videos. Perhaps vlc or mplayer.

If only I could get him into using VI, he's an author, then he could ditch windows.

Should I partition as FAT32/EXT2 or EXT3, Though I figure that the card won't be touched that much by tinycore anyway.

Is the wait usb kernel parameter, the time it takes the kernel to recognise the device?

Any other power saving tips?

How quick are other's boot times on this kind of platform?

I know lots of questions, and answers, comments appreciated.


P.S Sorry, haven't had  a chance just try tinycore yet on his eee.
Oh and if I'd realised he could barely use windows, I'd have moved him over to Linux! Using xp home on that small screen was quite a challenge. I'm starved of the command line on a windows box.

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