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Author Topic: Write tc to usb memory stick to same usb memory stick  (Read 4586 times)

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Write tc to usb memory stick to same usb memory stick
« on: July 05, 2016, 02:40:44 PM »
I did this way to burn tiny core plus x86 from one usb memory stick to same usb memory stick.
Didn't know how to do it simpler. If somebody has done some script to do this.
Writing this to do help somebody else.

Starting a terminal on my ordinary linux dist to write the iso to usb memory stick.

Download iso
Code: (bash) [Select]
wget http://tinycorelinux.net/7.x/x86/release/CorePlus-current.iso
Write the iso to usb memory stick, my usb memory stick will be on device /dev/sdb.
Code: (bash) [Select]
sudo dd if=CorePlus-current.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=2M
Sync to write all to usb memory stick, before reboot.
Code: (bash) [Select]
sudo sync
Reboot the computer with usb memory stick.
Code: (bash) [Select]
sudo reboot
Press the key on the computer to choose the boot order, to boot to usb.

In core linux boot menu: Boot Core to command line only.

Mount and copy extensions, core, kernel (vmlinuz) and onboot.lst file to tmp.
Code: (bash) [Select]
mount /mnt/sdb1
cp /mnt/sdb1/cde/optional/* /tmp/tce/optional/
cp /mnt/sdb1/boot/core.gz /tmp
cp /mnt/sdb1/boot/vmlinuz /tmp
cp /mnt/sdb1/cde/onboot.lst /tmp

Load required dependency extensions, rename tc-install.tcz.dep for just load dep for shell version.
Code: (bash) [Select]
tce-load -i syslinux.tcz
tce-load -i dosfstools.tcz
tce-load -i perl5.tcz
mv /tmp/tce/optional/tc-install.tcz.dep /tmp/tce/optional/tc-install.tcz.dep.old
tce-load -i tc-install.tcz
mv /tmp/tce/optional/tc-install.tcz.dep.old /tmp/tce/optional/tc-install.tcz.dep
Code: (bash) [Select]
sudo umount /mnt/sdb1
Start tc-install
Code: (bash) [Select]
sudo tc-install.sh
Installing from: Running

Where core and kernel:

What type of install: Frugal.

Hole Disc:

What device:
2   (sdb)

Install boot-loader:

Format what:
1 (ext2)

Extra commandline args: Set correct timezone Europe/Stockholm and keymapping and language to Swedish.
showapps tz=CET-1CEST,M3.5.0,M10.5.0/3 kmap=qwerty/sv-latin1 lang=sv_SE

Destroy (format) Continue:

Mount and copy back the extensions to usbmemory.
Code: (bash) [Select]
mount /mnt/sdb1
mkdir /mnt/sdb1/tce/optional
cp /tmp/tce/optional/* /mnt/sdb1/tce/optional/
cp /tmp/onboot.lst /mnt/sdb1/tce/
sudo chmod a+w /mnt/sdb1/tce/onboot.lst

Code: (bash) [Select]
sudo sync
sudo reboot
Enjoy the corelinux, edit the onboot.lst to fit your needs.
Remove the windowmanagers that you don't use in same file.