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Author Topic: Swobniws XP Remote desktop client and - ANY OS REMOTEDESKTOP  (Read 2132 times)

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Time ago i posted about what to do with some pentium pro PCs with very limited hardware.
Some suggestions were install puppy4x or tinycore, but i really would rather that they would not do any kinda of tasks.
Then i installed windows XP suricata (a very "light" mod).
Today i tried to use mi AMD e1 laptop with w7 as server, and the results were very good.

The NICS of the "clients" are 10mbits, then i guess that i had better use RPD instead VNC.

Then now i am a bit "decided" about what to do. Now i guess that i will need a RDP server, and i do not really matter what would be linux windows... ubuntu puppy opensuse... Anyone. And if the RDP server would be "lighter" in the clients, it is another good point.

Finally, i am here asking for suggestions of any RDP server multiuser (at same time) for use with those windows xp clients.

Event if a linux client would be lighter than those xp, it would be greater then.

Finally, thanks a lot. I will ask this in ubuntu puppy and opensuse and TC forums. Thanks a lot