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Author Topic: free hosting of your apps.  (Read 12066 times)

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free hosting of your apps.
« on: May 22, 2015, 09:35:17 PM »
Hello to the community of TCL.

Is there any interest or "shining a light" on this topic above?

Cameyo  (virtualization)  corp...  (this is not intended to breach TCL forum

This company is "delivering apps from within the cloud" a very old principle right?

This company above are offering a tool that you simply download
and execute....you POINT the tool to any "application repo and it's deps"
This Cameyo tool then "packages" your chosen stuff into one totally
self contained executable app.

This little finished APP product you can be run on your standalone home hardware as it is completely standalone and only needs the OS.   ..

and...you can also take that finished packaged APP and upload
it to Cameyo's Cloud servers where Cameyo will then hold it and
host it TO YOU (or any users in the world that you want to share it with)
and the App will just RUN inside any web browser that supports HTML 5.

The APP you built basically "Streams" down into a browser window of any
world wide web connected computer and is usable in that configuration as a full
blown app.

I believe that this technology will also carry the AUDIO of applications.

Essentially Cameyo are providing you with the VPS machine and your hosted
apps.....all sent DOWN to you whenever....and curtosy of their CPU's and workload.

yes it's nothing new right....but then again....it's so easy is this system...

I like how accessible it seems.   It's NOT about operating
systems and compatability.....this technology will just let you do anything with
any apps you want and pretty quik.....

if you care to comment it would be appreciated