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Author Topic: 64 bit VLC now streams youtube  (Read 2697 times)


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64 bit VLC now streams youtube
« on: August 16, 2015, 08:01:25 PM »

on CorePure64 (64 bit) VLC update now allows streaming of youtube movies thru lua script.
All other lua scripts that came with package are in the vlc-doc.

If you need them try this

Code: [Select]
mkdir .local/share/vlc/lua/playlistthen load the vlc-doc and copy any you need into that new folder.

2) but VLC has youtube.lua already loading and works for me, out of the box

3) If you wish to take a screenshot here is how.

click on View and check the box for advanced controls

click the button in new controls second from left

If you would like to hear above lady = Cara Dillon  try this link in your "open network stream"  input area


good luck
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