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Author Topic: Newbie: How to install TinyCorePure64 to disk  (Read 5741 times)

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Newbie: How to install TinyCorePure64 to disk
« on: June 11, 2015, 01:38:29 PM »
A friend asked me how I installed TinyCorePure64 first onto a disk partition.

I want to share my answer here --- not because I am an expert, but because it took me quite a lot of time to search for the details that I needed.  In the end it's quite easy.
Being a TCL newbie myself, I guess my solution is not perfect --- anybody who knows better than me, please correct my mistakes. If you use different approaches, you are welcome to post them here as well.

My starting point: I have already another Linux Distribution running on my computer.  I want to create a new partition for TCPL64.

I follow (as much as I understand) section 2.3 "Manual installation" from the CoreBook: http://distro.ibiblio.org/tinycorelinux/corebook.pdf --- just filling in details.

My first step: Create a new ext4 partition with gparted.  On my system, this new partition is /dev/sdc ---- your path will be different.  Adjust the following commands accordingly.

I will need to add new directories and files to the new partition.  To do this, I login as root and mount the new partition with the command
Code: (bash) [Select]
mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/

My second step: Get the files (section 2.3.2).  The CoreBook mentions core.gz and vmlinuz.  I had difficulties to locate the corresponding 64bit files.  Hence, I extracted them from the iso image:  I downloaded TinyCorePure64-5.4.iso and executed the command
Code: (bash) [Select]
7z x Core-current.iso

The needed files are extracted into the directory "boot".  They are called differently: corepure64.gz and vmlinuz64.  That's not a problem.  The following command copies them to the new partition:
Code: (bash) [Select]
cp -r bin /mnt/bin

I create the root directory for the extensions with the command
Code: (bash) [Select]
mkdir /mnt/tce

My third step: configure and install the grub2 bootloader (section 2.3.3).
First, I need to find out the uuid of my new TCL partition.  I use the command
Code: (bash) [Select]
ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid
This shows the uuids and the device names of all my drives.  In my case, /dev/sdc has the uuid 99b1c94e-2f36-47be-b7e8-1f4c32a8a655.  I am sure your uuid is different.

Now, I create my grub2 configuration file: Edit /mnt/boot/grub.cfg (this file will be /boot/grub.cfg on your new partition):

    search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=root "99b1c94e-2f36-47be-b7e8-1f4c32a8a655"
    menuentry "Core" {
      linux /boot/vmlinuz64 quiet waitusb=5
      initrd /boot/corepure64.gz

Of course, you need to replace the uuid in the first line with your uuid.

Finally, I install the grub bootloader with the command
Code: (bash) [Select]
grub-install --force --no-floppy --boot-directory=/mnt/boot /dev/sdc
You may have to replace the disk device file /dev/sdc by your own partition device.

That's what I remember from my installation.

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Re: Newbie: How to install TinyCorePure64 to disk
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2015, 02:36:14 PM »
Interesting ... not the way I do it ... but it works.   Couple of tools and options I haven't used:

7z for one --- I simply mount the ISO with  mount -o loop xxx.iso  directory-mount-point and copy out whats need.
                    (this is on Tiny Core -- other distributions might use losetup to create the loop to the iso)

also blkid  is usually available to find the uuid of a partition.

I use 'fdisk' to make partitions and 'mkfs' to format -- and usually install booting with lilo instead of grub -- or even extlinux (just don't like grub -- either version).

All in what you are use to -- comfort range.    Thanks for the post -- always good to see other options.
In science, we know ... what we don't know.

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Re: Newbie: How to install TinyCorePure64 to disk
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2015, 11:45:01 AM »
I would like to note, your variant  of section of the grub2 config file has not worked. Systen is not booting, just black empty display , nor cursor,  nothing. OS ubuntu x86
i changed it to such kind:
menuentry 'Core' {
insmod part_msdos
insmod ext2
set root='hd0,msdos5' #or another partition
linux /boot/vmlinuz64
initrd /boot/corepure64.gz
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Re: Newbie: How to install TinyCorePure64 to disk
« Reply #3 on: September 14, 2015, 07:13:53 PM »

A friend asked me how I installed TinyCorePure64
Are you sure? Core-current.iso sounds like a 32 bit iso.

Try this
vmlinuz64 is the 64 bit kernel
corepure64.gz is the core

I downloaded TinyCorePure64-5.4.iso
Why not look at the recent one?

In case you are not sure how I got those links first go to the downloads page
click other ports -----you can see x86_64 mentioned on downloads page
then  click  pure64 latest  to get to isos page

This gives you choices of 64 bit isos
to get the kernel and core click on the distribution files

good luck