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Author Topic: [solved] When can tce.wbar be updated with "my version" during boot process?  (Read 2767 times)

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I have a few wbar buttons that activate various scripts that I put in tce.wbar. I tried including this file in my custom tce that resides in the tce directory. Since the default tce.wbar is present after the boot process completes and has not been replaced by my tce version I assume it gets created after the tce's have been loaded. So do I have to wait for the wbar process to become active before I can overwrite tce.wbar?  Has there been a boot process complete "flag" created yet?

edit: or should I be putting my wbar additions in dot.wbar and replace that file with my tce?

edit2: and the correct answer is: make the changes in dot.wbar.
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