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Author Topic: Bug: "ps and "pidof" packaged utilities do not replace busybox -dCore 5.0rc2  (Read 3793 times)

Offline cpoakes

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I note that some SCE packaged utilities replace their busybox equivalents while others do not.  Is there a reason or is this an error?  The following condition is an error.

The xorg-all.sce includes Debian packages for udev and procps.  Procps provides versions of ps and pidof.  Versions are also provided by busybox.  On my system /bin/ps and /bin/pidof are symlinked to busybox; the xorg-all versions are ignored.  This is problematic when running the TCE install script (/usr/local/tce.installed/udev) which ultimately calls the udev init script (/etc/init.d/udev).  The udev init script requires features of the procps version and fails before ever processing a start, stop, or status command.

Manually removing the busybox links and creating links to the versions in /tmp/tcloop/xorg-all solves the problem (though there are other errors now reported by the script).  In addition to ps and pidof, the following utilities in xorg-all also appear to be ignored and unlinked: dmesg, kill, login, more, mount, su, umount.

Offline Jason W

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It is an error, creating startup scripts so that packages replace busybox symlinks when necessary is the goal, just like adding in necessary commands or functions to their startup script when needed to allow a package to run.  The same kind of thing that is needed for many packages in the regular repo, except that here the packages already exist and are waiting on their startup script to materialize.  Feel free to mention any packages that need this attention, and I will focus on the packages with files that need to replace busybox