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Author Topic: Xvesa xsetup blinking screen and error "sh can't open /dev/tty: No such device "  (Read 3100 times)

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Dear tc users,

I'm busy building a kiosk browser remaster, based on TinyCore current.iso.

Thanks to your suggestions at an earlier stage, I made important progression.

However at this moment I'm trying to overcome a problem with setting up Xvesa.

After starting x (startx) command from .X.d directory, xsetup command executes (i never asked for that..) and the screen starts continuously blinking. At that very moment it is not possible to enter the right resolution. Also an error message appears saying "sh can't open /dev/tty: No such device or address"

Notice: I have to start the .X.d - x startup files manually from the command line. it seems that the files are not executed at boot time.

At buildtime the contents of all X files in .X.d are populated.

First Xprogs is written:

cat >> Xprogs <<EOF
sudo -u tc tce-load -i  Xprogs
sudo chmod a+x Xprogs

Then Xvesa follows:

cat >> Xvesa <<EOF
sudo -u tc tce-load -i Xvesa
sudo chmod a+x Xvesa

finally startx is populated:

cat >> startx <<EOF
sudo chmod a+x startx

Does anyone have a clue?

Kind regards,
Kees Epema


Offline gerald_clark

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You don't run any of those from .X.d.
.X.d is for applications, not for loading X.

Xvesa and Xprogs need to be in the onboot.lst.