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Author Topic: gs-8.70  (Read 1498 times)

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« on: November 05, 2009, 12:55:53 AM »
This has been compiled as a test to see what advantages ghostscript-8.70 might bring over the existing ghostscript-7.05.6 extension - it has been tested with cups and seems to work without the addition of the gsfonts extension


1. This extension is much larger than the gs extension - 8.5mb vs 3.0mb - and it does not contain any ghostscript fonts
2. The extension has been compiled with the default options - i.e. all file converters and all printer drivers
3. The extension might be able to print directly using the ghostscript system and without cups, but I don't have a suitable printer to test this. The gs_common-8.70 extension might be required to print in this mode.
4. Do not use this extension together with the gs extension - use either one or the other.

Code: [Select]
Title:          gs-8.70.tcz
Description:    ghostscript printing
Version:        8.70
Author:         see list of sites below
Original-site:  see list of sites below
Copying-policy: see list of sites below
Size: 8.5MB
Extension_by:   juanito
Comments:       ghostscript printing compiled with default options
                requires the cairo, expat2, fontconfig, libcups and
                pixman extensions
                might require the gs_common-8.70 extension in some circumstances
                This extension contains:
                ghostscript-8.70 - GPLv3 - http://ghostscript.com/releases/ghostscript-8.70.tar.bz2
Change-log:     first version
Current:        2009/11/01
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