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Author Topic: Remaster script - home web (apache) server  (Read 5318 times)

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Remaster script - home web (apache) server
« on: May 06, 2009, 06:34:50 PM »
I've remastered 1.4.1 to be my home web server:

1.  GUI files removed (thx to Jason W's list)
2.  apache2.tce extracted directly to / (ie. no need to download and install the .tce)
3.  kmaps.tce extracted directly to / (ie. no need to download and install the .tce)
4..  tc-config replaced with custom-tc-config adding the functionality:
     i) apache to start automatically at boot
     ii) 'sshport' boot parameter which, when combined with 'ssh', allows the user to specify the port on which Dropbear will listen when it's automatically started at boot.

I've put all of this into a script that simply downloads the 1.4.1.iso, extracts tinycore.gz, changes it and saves the remastered tinycore.gz as remaster.gz.  You then need to copy it across to your hard drive or LiveUSB stick (.iso's are so '80s   ;) ).

I thought I'd share it with the TCL community.  It's in the attached tarball along with the custom-tc-config file and a file containing the paths of the GUI-related files.  Both of these are referenced by the script.

The script is well edited and pretty easy to follow.  Feel free to change it as you like.  The script 'remaster.sh' needs to be run with root privileges so make sure you're happy with it before you do.
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