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Author Topic: Blue Stacks  (Read 4954 times)

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Blue Stacks
« on: October 05, 2012, 10:03:44 AM »

Well i hope this post is in the right place and may be of interest to you.

The Blue Stacks company and AMD microchips have combined forces to sign
a deal together for licensing of the Blue Stacks android software tool.

The tool will be insalled on 100 million new personal computers sporting
the AMD line of central processor chips. The end customer of one of these
computers will be graced with the Blue Stacks software FREE on the desktop.

Customers will be able to go to the AMD home page on the web and find the
app store which is the full 500 thousand apps of google play store.

Users of these laptops will experience a streamlined higher performance
from Blue Stacks as BS has been tailored for AMD chip set. 

This deal is already in place and that is  the road map for BLue Stacks.

Still, Blue STacks is now still available FREE and works on all x86 platforms
so for pure practical info you may want to get yourself a copy.

This information and news came to me on my Facebook. Thesee video
is on youtube. The app store is at the AMD home web pages.

i figure it is the "timing" here....just before Msoft release windows 8
which makes it so interesting.

Blue Stacks had been sported as the most important software in the
world for the quarter 2012 to 2016 appart from windows 8.  Something
along those lines was what i had seen someplace on the web.

Now it appears they may be ahead of other rivals.   How these things
affect end consumers is hopefully with a good deal.