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Author Topic: Wine  (Read 1698 times)

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« on: March 08, 2012, 04:03:28 AM »
Let someone instruct me about wine.

It is about Wine. Not about TinyCore. But since Wine has been made available by TinyCore developers to her users, it is not improper to ask about it too. The community will be benefited.
I intend to use Wine differently, than the way it has been used till now.
I have a Djinn beside me to obey, and I don't know its full powers.

Is it necessary to have windows "installed" for wine to work ?
i.e. "To run windows apps without having Microsoft OS on one's machine?" !

Confused ?

Well, Following may serve as an instance of what I am demanding-

You have a program xyz under Windows (a freeware; in no way violative of any of the Microsoft Copyrights, and not a creation of it. Its author has declared it to be a freeware.)

This too does not require any "installation" . (Because the said type of Installation will again require Microsoft OS to be already installed first !).  In other words  it may be either single file executable, or can be uncompressed to a single directory, with all its settings and preferences stored in that directory, and not touching even the windows registry, nor requiring it in any way. Thus I may be speaking about portable apps; you understand better; in no way bound by anyone's copyright issues, except its author's who has declared it gratis to everyone. Simply saying portable would not have made the "issues" clear.

The only pending issue now is as far as I can say the issue of dependencies, which are mostly .dll files, but let us have a programme whose dependencies too are not the work of Microsoft in any way. There is no dearth of such programmes. 7-zip is a classical example, to bring to mind the name of one. From dll.com one can download as many dll files as one's network traffic may allow. There are also programmes like Dependency Walker, from where one can collect all the information about dependencies of such a portable app. Or there are programmes, where its author himself has declared about dependencies.

Thus I am speaking of a program that only needs "Windows=Microsoft OS", "the windows environment", to come to life, otherwise it is "Totally Indepedent of Windows". Give it the environment, and it will work. Is not Wine also providing to such an app just the right environment?

Perhaps I still may be required to dedicate a fat/ntfs partition, for these windows apps ("to be stored only", and intended to be run through Wine), with flag of this partition set bootable too. That is understandable. Let us also satisfy the "paths" too which these programmes seek to search for their dependencies, by manually creating directories like /sdax/Windows/.... etc. and putting those .dll files in right directory. Got it? This may be the requirement of Wine too !

So if I had a spare computer to completely send off Microsoft OS to its Creators' labs, I would have experimented than ask.

There are Windows Programmes, spread all over internet, that lie in wait of getting rescued in this way to be used by Linux users all over the world. Is not Wine made for that?

I know if the authors of these programs knew that what they have created with/for Windows only in mind, is also workable with Linux, It is difficult to guess that they had two policies, one for Microsoft and another for Linux, unless Microsoft really went to them from door to door to buy their selling rights from them, or unless it went or manipulate the US and Euro senate or their Courts to do something for the Corporation. Only If one began to create a repository of them, asking donators from the sphere of Windows Programming to freely send their programs to this repository !!!  That too would become the part of Linux repository ! ....And much can be said. May Someone get to my mind.