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Author Topic: so this drunk walks into a bar...  (Read 3263 times)

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so this drunk walks into a bar...
« on: February 12, 2012, 04:53:16 PM »
Okay, Tiny Core Lounge looks as close to a bar as I'm likely to find hereabouts. <g>

I'm new to TinyCore.  So new I'm not even sure what category my questions belong in.

Burned the latest into a USB stick, booted it up.

The GUI thing down at the bottom, toolbar or taskbar or whatever, is Most Cool And Awesome!  For a netbook it's a great way to save space, show tiny (even tinier!) icons and magnify them as the cursor passes.  Whoever thought of that and put it together has his head on straight imo.

On the other hand, when I installed Ubuntu on the same netbook, it came up and said, "we found a wireless broadband card, who's your service provider?"  All I had to do was tell it "Verizon" and network config was done, it just worked.  On TinyCore, I eventually found a place to put in a bunch of parameters I didn't have and shrugged and went away.

Where is the description of the TinyCore layering philosophy if someone could refer me to it?  I saw a brief description somewhere and it seemed right-on, install a basic system with just enough to install whatever else you want.

I looked at Linux back in the '90s, about the time of the KDE/GT(K?) wars, when RedHat was the big deal and SuSE would just about install.  Decided that Linux was not yet ready for prime time.  Came back late last year, discovered Ubuntu, abandoned Windows forever.  Still not happy, Ubuntu installs everything they think Microsoft might possibly install from Games to Office software.  Puppy seems to be in the deathgrip of BK.  TinyCore seems like the happening distro.

Maybe I have this all wrong.  What's the bargain drink of the day?

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Re: so this drunk walks into a bar...
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2012, 01:06:38 AM »
First I tried knoppix (at time one version Italianized call knopils).
...time gap of a couple of years...
I started with debian (after I learned how to install at memory on qemu).
...few months after...
Shortly after I was enough, I learned how to netinstall debiant with any more than the essential, after i install what i needed piece to piece(I had already switched to xfce instead of gnome)
...another year or something like...
Debian was good but version system gave me update problems. I went to arch linux, a distro that made me happy for a while
...another year or thereabouts...
...and arch imploded! After an nothing special Upgrade.
Was a nice distro (especially the script system package aur) but it was too "bleeding edge" especially for my ability"
...passing another year...
after trying a lot of distros (in my mind are Sabayon, Zenwalk, Ubuntu (in desperation)) I was about to surrender and install gentoo (I did not like the idea of having to compile everything!)
But in an Italian forum of reasonable significance a shady character (of which I will not name) captured me with the proposal of this new distro named "tinycore".
It took me a while to understand the basic concepts, often ending in failure.
Perhaps it took me another year to become effectively operational but now I put a point.

I'm no expert on drinks, I'd better order some juice

p.s. the flow of time is not real but is that imprinted at the psychic level.
p.p.s. soundtrack for this topic Marillion - Just For The Record  ;D
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Re: so this drunk walks into a bar...
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2012, 12:41:15 PM »
Bargain drink of the day...

1 shot of 100 proof Core sweetened with 1 shot of  Xlibs, 1 shot of Xprogs and a dash of fltk served over icewm or your favorite window manager.  Mix all ingredients in a USB tumbler and shake thoroughly.  The pretty wbarmaid provides cheerful service.

If you take your linux straight, try some Core on the rocks.  It goes down smooooth and won't fill you up.

While this is a lot more palatable than that nasty moonshine you tried at home, you need to consume it responsibly - read the instructions.

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