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Author Topic: HowTo: Running StreamMyGame in TinyCore  (Read 3366 times)

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HowTo: Running StreamMyGame in TinyCore
« on: November 12, 2011, 01:12:33 PM »

I've recently discovered streammygame.com, and immediately thought of Tiny Core.  Getting it running was fairly straightforward, but I didn't see any post about it, and thought I would share.  Also, I thought maybe I could get some thoughts on how to do it better, as I haven't played with TC for quite some time.

Setting up your server is beyond the scope of this document.  It requires a windows PC and the details are covered on the website.  I recommend testing the server with a windows client, or perhaps one of the supported Linux distros to be sure that you have it running correctly.

I started with a fresh USB install from the latest 3.* release.

Once booted, I installed Firefox and Alsa as OnBoot, and ttf-bitstream-vera I downloaded and installed, but did not need to keep around.  I didn't try it without alsa, but it may be possible to run it with no sound or with another sound system.  YMMV.

Streammygame expects the vera font to be in /usr/share/local/bitstream-vera but that is not where the vera package puts it.  For lack of a better way to handle it, I simply copied the file /usr/local/share/fonts/ttf-bitstream-vera/Vera.ttf to the location that SMG wants it.  I then added /usr/share/local/bitstream-vera/Vera.ttf to my filetool.lst

next step, installing the SMG software.  I downloaded the 2 packages for a debian installation from their website, and converted them to .tcz packages.  They loaded with no problems.  I do not know what their dependancies may be, but it appears as tho they are covered by firefox.  As I acclimate myself to Tiny Core again I will see if I can remedy that and perhaps put together a proper package  :P

The last step is getting FireFox to point to the proper binary for SMG.  Launch FireFox and for an address, put about:config .  It will likely warn you about messing with things... yeah... I know...  Right click somewhere and add a new Boolean value.  Name it network.protocol-handler.expose.smgp and set it to false.  When you attempt to launch the software from FireFox, it will ask you to navigate to the location of the program.  It resides at /usr/bin/smg-linux-player.  Check the box to always use this program, and click ok.

With luck, that should be all it takes!  Get your server set up on a windows PC somewhere and stream your newer games over the network to your lower-end devices.  Have fun playing Crysis2 on your netbook.
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