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Author Topic: With Xorg7.6: when "Links" is started, there is nomore control of the screen..  (Read 1883 times)

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.. then I have to close the "links" windows with ctrl alt c.

When the "links" windows opens (after starting the extension in on-demand for example), the esc key make the entry for "www.google.de" or others appearing.. but the cursor dont go into the opened menue (and anywhere else); then I have to stop/close the "links" window with ctrl alt c.
Why? How to solve this?
No message appear in dmesg.
Xorg7.6 is in the testing phase on my oldbox. Looks good because it goes from 800x600 to 1024x768. Which is much better.
I had already this behavious in xorg7.5 but gave up last time and stayed with xorg7.4.
Xorg7.6 would be good for my pc.
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