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Author Topic: microcore_v3.8rc3  (Read 17677 times)

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« on: July 31, 2011, 01:38:21 AM »
The Third Release Candidate of Micro Core v3.8 is now posted and ready for testing.


Change log:
* Updated tce-load - now allows re-downloading non-installed extensions to better handle download failures.
* Updated tce-setup & tce-load to ensure busybox calls thus avoiding conflicts with gnu utilities.
* Updated rc.shutdown - removed sleep to improve shutdown speed.
* Updated busybox  -  1.18.5 new depmod applet and audit of required applets.
* Updated search.sh  - improved searching by title results and support for fat file-system.
* Updated provides.sh  - support for fat file-system.
* Updated tce-setup, tce-load, and loadpack.sh - alias for new depmod applet.
* Updated .profile - new user login sudo issue resolved.

Note: depmod has been moved to extensions, GNU depmod may be required by certain extensions, e.g., alsa.

* Updated rebuildfstab and tc-config for AOE support.
* Updated tc-functions getpassword to support backspace during input.
* Updated tc-audit added "fetchmissing" to fetch missing dependencies.
* Updated tce-setup for loading tce directory on cdrom and installable via updates to tc-install & tc-grub4dos
* Updated multicore.iso to use cdrom tce directory together with specific boot lists for network, install, or grub4dos.
* Updated tce-setup, tce-load, and loadpack.sh to ensure busybox is not trumped by coreutils or util-linux-ng.

Note the following have also been updated:


And are needed when using microcore_3.8rc3.iso and X windows.
See; http://forum.tinycorelinux.net/index.php?topic=10932.0 details.

Thanks go to Gerald Clark for the new AOE support.
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