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Hi newbody
You need to install  ntfs-3g.tcz 


--- Quote ---You need to install  ntfs-3g.tcz
--- End quote ---

I did a frugal install on a WinXP system (booting from ntfs on /dev/sda1) according to the instructions at

because the wiki article mentioned in the HOWTO in the grub4dos extension (and in the tc wiki) doesn't display for me (blank page - can others see it?).

The install was -ridiculously- easy.  I like it.  :)

I put tce/optional/ntfs-3g.tcz in the root of the NTFS boot partition and referenced it in tce/onboot.lst

TC boots and loads the extension.  As expected, sda1 is mounted read-only because it had to be mounted before the extension was loaded.

--- Code: ---sudo rebuildfstab
--- End code ---

yields an entry in /etc/fstab like:

/dev/sda1   /mnt/sda1   ntfs-3g  noauto,users,exec,   0 0 # Added by TC


--- Code: ---sudo mount -n -o remount,rw /mnt/sda1
--- End code ---

doesn't work - no errors, but sda1 is still mounted ntfs instead of ntfs-3g and is still ro.

I suspect that the remount function doesn't do a complete umount but just resets some flags.  I'm sure if I could just umount the fs and remount is again but I can't.  It says "...device or resource busy".

... OK. tested that...

If I boot base norestore, manually mount sda1, copy ntfs-3g* to /tmp/tce/optional/, manually umount sda1, tce-load -i ntfs-3g, I can get r/w access to sda1 - but now none of my shtuff is loaded.

So, I can have all my extensions and data conveniently loaded and have r/o access to the storage - or- I can get r/w storage but I have to manually restore my backup and load my extensions.

Is there an easy work around where I can have both?  W/O remastering or using other storage?  ( I actually have fat and ext2 as well as ntfs filesystems on this drive, but supposing I didn't... )

Other notes:

During all this testing, I sometimes forgot to use sudo with umount and it worked anyway (as user tc).

I can't seem to force a read-only mount using ntfs-3g.

Hmmm... no, I didn't read yet.  Oops.   ;)

I see no one has done a fresh installation of Tiny Core on a pristine XP system,
What is requested is a simple installation for newbies but what is attempted is not!

Again, all the questions are on how to back into a installation with an existing grub4dos
remix or remaster.

The automated script is not trying to support complex exiting grub4dos with Puppy or remixes.

That will require manual editing and copying of files. I have no interest to try to setup every
conceivable combination of Linux distributions trying to maintain how they, other distributions,
are setup.

The automated script installs a ntfs-3g.gz into the tce/boot directory alongside bzImage and tinycore.gz and creates a proper boot menu item with initrd loading both tinycore.gz and ntfs-3g.gz as well as specifying the tce directory.  

Such achieves the desired result.

Essentially what is missing in those who are backing into an existing grub4dos setup is:

1. Use Load Starter Pack to navigate to and load  tc-grub4dos.gz
2. If Windows drive is mounted. Use mount tool to unmount it.
3. Use Load Starter Pack to navigate to and load /tmp/ntfs-3g.gz
4. Use mount tool to mount Windows drive.
5. copy /tmp/ntfs-3g.gz to /tce/boot directory along with tinycore.gz and bzImage on Windows drive.
6, edit grub4dos menu.lst with the entry for tinycore to be as follows.

title Tiny Core Linux
find --set-root /tce/boot/bzImage
kernel /tce/boot/bzImage quiet tce=hda1
initrd /tce/boot/tinycore.gz /tce/boot/ntfs-3g.gz

Reboot your computer.

You must specify your tce directory via the tce= boot option, as auto-scanning ntfs partitions is not
supported in the base.

Do not also install the ntfs-3g.tcz extension its function is replaced by ntfs-3g.gz

Things are getting better all of the time.

Installing Tiny Core on a ntfs partition with Windows works.

and you can load the starter packs from ntfs.


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